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Work Study for Textile and Garment Industry

Activities of work study in textile and apparel industry are done by industrial engineering department. Actually work study is used for measuring work. Industrial engineering department is responsible for work study in the garment industry. Work study is the most important tool for controlling production and improving productivity. It is a new concept in textile and apparel industry. We can define work study in the following way.

Work study is the investigation of the work done in an organization by means of a consistent system in order to attain the best utilization of men, machines and materials at a period of time.

According to ILO, Work study is used to embrace the techniques of method study and work measurement which are employed to ensure the best possible use of human and available resources in carrying out a specified activity.
Classification of Work study
Fig: Classification of Work study
Purpose of work study:
In general, the purposes or objectives of work study are:
  1. Establish the most economical way of doing the work.
  2. Establish the time required for a job at a defined level of performance.
  3. Increase productivity and profitability.
  4. Increase job security.
  5. Make work easier.
  6. Establish fair tasks for everyone.
  7. Check achievements against standards.
  8. Install the work method as standard practice.
Everyone in the industry gets benefit from work study:
  • Management gets benefit through increased efficiency and thus increased profit.
  • Worker is assured of a fair return for a fair day’s work. He is protected unfair demands. The work is made easier and more productive.
  • Trade union gets a reliable data measuring fair say’s work and payment through work study. This enables trade unions to do more objectives negotiations with the management based on factual evidence.
  • Productivity through work study enables greater amount of production and services to optimum quality and lower prices. So the consumers are benefited.
Importance of work study:
  1. Work study is a means of enhancing the production efficiency of the firm by elimination of waste and unnecessary operations.
  2. It is the technique to identify non-value adding operations by investigation of all the factors affecting the jobs.
  3. It is the only accurate and systematic procedure oriented technique to establish time standards.
  4. It is going to contribute to the profit as the saving will start immediately and continue throughout the life of the product.
  5. It has got universal application.
Roles of work study to increase productivity:
There are six possible lines of attack on productivity problems, which can be classified as follows:
  1. Improve basic processes by research and development.
  2. Improving existing process and provide better plant and equipment.
  3. Simplify the product, reduce and standardize the range.
  4. Improve the planning of work and the use of manpower.
  5. Improve existing methods of plant operation.
  6. Increase the effectiveness of all employees.
In production planning and control (PPC), concept of work study plays an important role to increase productivity as it identifies the problems and provide direction to overcome those. The following diagram shows how work study helps in increasing productivity.
Roles of work study to improve productivity
Fig: Roles of work study to improve productivity
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