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Different Types of Buttons Used in Garment

A sewing button is a small disc, typically round, usually attached to an article of clothing or garments in order to secure an opening, or for ornamentation. In modern clothing and fashion design, a button is a small fastener, most commonly made of plastic, but also frequently are used wood, bone, pearl, metal and see shell, which secures two pieces of fabric together. Button is one type of important basic accessory of garments. Now button not only used for closing or opening garments but also used as fashion. It increases the fineness of garments. It also helps to make garment user friendly.
types of buttons
Fig: Various types of buttons
Properties or characteristics of button:
Selecting button for specific garments is an important task. Because button has to match with garments. Before attaching with garment button has to follow some characteristics.
  • Button should not fade its colour during using. Either garment will be inappropriate for wearing.
  • It should have resistant to calendaring and ironing heat.
  • Button should have good fastness properties specially wash fastness as a result its never be able to make discolor the dress by its own color.
  • It should be able to sticky with garment.
  • It should not break with some pressure.
  • Button should rust free if it make from iron or steel.
  • It should become comfortable and easy to use in any circumstances.
Types of Buttons:
Button can be classified in various ways and among them some are shown below:

A. According to Ligne number
Normally size of the button are measured by “Ligne”. 1 ligne = 0.635 mm. There are various types of buttons according to ligne number. Buttons may have different sizes like 12L, 16L, 18L, 24L, 28L, 32L, 36L, etc.

B. According to the number of holes
According to the number of holes button is of two types:
  1. 2H (Two holes button)
  2. 4H (Four holes button)
Fig: 2 holes and 4 holes button
C. According to materials used for making button
According to the materials used buttons may be of following types:
  • Plastic buttons: These buttons are made of Polyamide, Polyacrylonitrite, etc. They are cheap, not glossy and widely used in shirts.
  • Metal buttons: They are used in Denim and jeans, trousers, etc.
  • Wooden buttons: They are used for decoration and functional purposes. These buttons usually have less life time. 
  • Printed buttons: They are only used for decorative purposes. 
  • Horn buttons: They are made up of horns of animals and usually used in shirts, pants, etc. Artificial horns made up of Nylon, Plastic and additives are also used.
  • Chalk buttons: They are usually used in shirts.
There are also a few special types of button:

Snaps buttons:
Snaps may be metal or plastic fasteners snap together with a pop. It is also called pressure fasteners. It is fairly a modern invention, and are ideal for hidden fastenings.

Snap buttons
Fig: Snap buttons
Shank buttons:
In shank button have a hole or loop at the back through which it can be attached.

Shank buttons
Fig: Shank buttons
Decorative buttons:
These buttons are not only use for fastening but also decorative purposes.

Fig: Decorative buttons
Rivet is a metal part with pin. It is a permanent mechanical fastener. They are not used to open or close the opening parts of garments. They are used for following purposes:

  • Widely used for decorative and reinforcement (support) purposes of Denim or Jeans garments.
  • It has two parts and requires an appropriate device to attach on garments.
Fig: Rivets
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