Thursday, June 8, 2017

Role of Production Planning and Control in Manufacturing Industry

Production Planning and Control (PPC):
Every production system should have systematic way to gain its goal of production. Production system is basically concerned with taking inputs of capital, labor, order, materials and using the first two to transform material to satisfy orders. To attain success without planned work. Without planning nothing is completed within the required time. So planning has its own importance which is intolerable, “Planning” gives a scheduled task and “Control” completes it successfully. Production planning and control (PPC) department in any industry has to do all planned responsibility. But production planning and control is not an easy task. So every textile and apparel company should have a self-sufficient and high-performance department called “Production Planning & Control”. Basic roles of PPC is as follows-
  1. Taking orders from marketing division.
  2. Analyzing the orders & feeling the requirements of customer.
  3. Planning for production.
  4. Cost analysis & lead time.
It is only a basic procedure. It may change according to the type of order. Sometimes, order is places only for finishing the material or only for dyeing the white goods. Then some steps are omitted from the planning procedure.
Production planning & control cycle
Fig: Production planning & control cycle
Basic Roles of Production Planning and Control (PPC) in Garment Manufacturing Industry:

1. Taking orders from marketing division:
Order collect from the buyer with the details information (Art work, technical sheet) is the first and principle task in textile and apparel industry. After getting the order from marketing division then other process start.

2. Analyzing the orders:
There are various key points of garment which should be analyze before confirming order. This section analyzes the orders according to buyers, Order Quantity, type of orders (i.e. type of fabric, color to be dyed etc.), delivery date etc. Also analyze the following points. Measurement chart, Size ratio, Color, Quality of garments, List of trimmings and accessories required, Fabric consumption per dozen, Cost of garments per dozen, Determination of production time and delivery date. Then it selects which M/C. to use, no of M/C. to use, time required for production etc. This section plans for required quantity of fabric need to be dyed. Dyeing balance, RFD (Ready for delivery), RFD balance, delivered fabric and delivery balance.

3. Production Planning:
Important role of production planning and control is to smooth production. Every functions of production are includes in planning. Such as planning for dyeing the yarn, planning for weaving the fabric, planning for finishing the fabric etc. The quality objectives are defined at organizational and functional levels in measurable term. Review is conducted at a suitable time interval with proper recording system.

The Quality Objectives of an industry is defined to develop the following areas:
  • To feel the desires of the customers.
  • To implement the required systems.
  • To assign resources for training & place of work improvements.
  • To maintain infrastructural tasks accurately.
  • To build quality into every product at every stages of production line.
  • To obtain a production-line with minimal errors & corrective actions.
4. Cost analysis:
Cost analysis is another important role for production planning. Garments costing is the heart of this business. So cost analysis must be accurate. Cost Analysis worksheet will help you to determine how to price your products. The cost of production should be as minimum as we already gave a price to customer while taking order. In this calculation all major & minor costs are involved. For privacy of company business policy we here omit the actual costing & price simulation.

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