Thursday, May 11, 2017

Objectives of Production Planning in Garment Industry

Production planning:
Production planning means planning of the production related affairs. That means, production planning is the planning of production and manufacturing modules in a company or industry. Planning demands a careful and exhaustive study which co-ordinates the activities performed by a host of different departmental groups. Hence, production planning covers a careful and exhaustive study and prearranging of the techniques involving a long and complicated series of separate operation so that the required product of the right quality and quantity may be manufactured at the right time and at the most economic cost.
Production planning in apparel industry
Fig: Production planning in apparel industry
Production planning suggests predetermination of manufacturing requirements of such things as available basic materials, details equipments, production runs, order priority, money, men and production process within the scope of the enterprise for efficient production of goods to match its scale requirements.

Objectives or purposes of production planning in apparel industry:
The main objectives of production planning section is to schedule the operation of parts, in correct sequence to particular periods. It has the intension of establishing reliable and realistic delivery dates with the opportunity of measurement at no less than weekly intervals throughout the apparel manufacturing cycle.

The objectives of production planning in garment industry in detail can be enumerated as follows:
  1. To determine capacity of all garment manufacturing departments and to plan systematically to meet sales requirements.
  2. To find ways through which product manufacturing requirements such as materials, machines and so on are available in right quality and quantity at the right time.
  3. To co-ordinate a number of different departmental groups so that a fine balance of activities may be maintained.
  4. To minimize the employment of production facilities with the general purpose in view of minimizing operating costs and meeting delivery schedules.
  5. To ensure that a number of jobs are erected which have already been specified in the light or the production requirements.
  6. To prepare management beforehand for tacking any difficulty arising in the way achieving production targets.
  7. To reap a reasonable project prescribed before hand.
  8. To increase concentration on modern production techniques and supervision on the firemen and supervisors to achieve outstanding result (such as manufacturing products of high quality and quantity) at the right time and at the most economic cost, which may win the consumers.
  9. To promote maximum utilization of plants.
  10. To assist labor towards right and greater earnings.
  11. To maintain progress records to show actual against planned production and take necessary action to correct deviation and advice the sales department accordingly.
  12. Answer enquires form customers as to the progress of their orders, remembering that good delivery, and the honoring of delivery promises is an important part of company’s reputation and manufacturing policy.
  13. To maintain accurate record of all material and component stock and movements in and out of stories in such a way so as to anticipate future requirements and always to have material available for production to consumer’s requirements.
  14. Re-train staff in the effective performance of their duties.
  15. Adhere to company’s personnel policy and ensure that subordinates do so.
  16. Keep abreast with developments in modem production planning techniques.
Thus the achievement of these objectives requires a careful planning of a most of related and coordinate activities involved in manufacturing process. 

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