Friday, April 14, 2017

Different Types of Stitches Used in Clothing

Stitch and seam are related to each other. Because seam cannot be made without stitch and vice versa. Stitch is the unit of seam made by three principle interlooping, intralooping, interlacing to join two ply of fabric. Stitches are very important in apparel making. It is not possible to make a single garment without stitch.

Types of stitches:
All kinds of sewing stitches are classified into six classes.

Different types of sewing stitches
Fig: Different types of sewing stitches
1. Stitch class-100 (Single thread chain stitch):
  • In this stitch, one loop passing through the another loop of same thread.
  • It can produce easily and high speed using one needle.
  • Only one needle thread is used for making this stitch.
  • Uses temporary purposes which can easily pick up.
  • It one unit is break then whole stitch is open.
  • It is also used blind stitch purpose.
Stitch class-100
Fig: Stitch class-100/101
2. Stitch class-200 (Hand stitch):
  • Stitch under this class are also produced with single thread by the use of special type of sewing machine.
  • This stitch cannot be produced for longer length sewing.
  • Uses for stitch costly garments.
Stitch class-200
Fig: Stitch class-200/209
3. Stitch class-300 (Lock stitch):
  • It required two types of sewing thread.
  • Both sides are same.
  • It is difficult to pick up.
  • Less extensibility.
  • Yarn consumption are comparatively less.
  • It is widely used in garments factory.
Stitch class-300
Fig: Stitch class-300/301
4. Stitch class-400 (Multi-thread chain stitch):
  • One or more thread is used.
  • One group is called upper thread and another group is called looper thread.
  • Security of this stitch is higher than lock stitch about 30%.
  • This type of stitch are used to prevent the traying of yarn of fabric.
  • It is widely use for making knitted garments.
Stitch class-400
Fig: Stitch class-400/401
5. Stitch class-500 (Overlock or over edge neatening):
  • It is required for more than two threads.
  • One group is called upper thread and another group is called looper thread.
  • It has good preventing power and edge protection.
  • It is used for making knitted garments.
  • It is also used decorative purpose.
  • It is only use din the edge of the fabric.
Stitch class-500
Fig: Stitch class-500/505
6. Stitch class-600 (Covering chain stitch):
  • Three or more sewing thread are used to make this stitch.
  • Three group of sewing thread are used. Such as needle, looper and covering thread.
  • Sewing thread consumption is very high.
  • This type of stitch are used to join side by side of fabric without increasing thickness.
  • This stitch are used for sewing under wear for attaching lace, braid, elastic etc.
Fig: Stitch class-600
All the stitches are used for producing different kind of seam. By this experiment we have learned about different types of stitch and their uses. This knowledge will be helpful in our professional life.