Monday, March 6, 2017

Creative Designer’s Skill and Job Responsibilities in Fashion Industry

Who is creative designer?
A creative designer plays an important role in the arts, design, fashion designing, marketing, digital dept. and entertainment industries. In the other sense, they can be included in any creative product development process and advertising to promote different products, like creative window display, product labels or brochures that helps to provide information about company or fashion product. To do this job, creative designer have some skills and job responsibilities. Basically we know, creative designer means graphic designer but a creative designer can design advertisements, brochures, websites, mobile apps, fliers, fashion design and anything else involved in a marketing mix.

Fashion designer also called a creative designer because they design dress, fashion accessories, footwear, exclusive and innovative products from their own creativity. They can express their creativity and create a design by the using of paper sketches and digital illustration software. To complete the design project creative designer follow the process from concept to rough layout to prototype.

In the fashion industry, different types of careers are included creative designers are one of them.

Creative designers could be Artists or Photographers, graphic designers, visual merchandiser. Generally they do their work for multimedia companies or advertising firms. They can also be self-employed.
Creative Designer’s Skill and Job Responsibilities in Fashion Industry
Fig: Creative designer in her fashion house
Basic skills of creative designer:
Here I have mention some essential skills of creative designer, they are following below:
  • Creative Designers should be strong communication skill with buyer.
  • Have to strong problem solving power.
  • Creative thinking, Decision making and organizational skill must be needed.
  • Able to meet production deadline and keep detail updates about production.
  • To develop marketing and advertising process should have customer handling approach.
  • Have to present visual concept through sketches, drawings and illustrations.
  • Follow the latest trends within the scope of the creative industry.
  • Have to use graphic design and other relevant software
  • Experience in Adobe systems such as Photoshop and Flash
  • Understand about the process of advertising campaigns
Job responsibilities of a creative designer:
Creative designer usually have primary responsibility for the pre-adoption phase of product development. To create a design, finished model, level or graphic design, creative designer must complete various tasks. Some job descriptions or responsibilities of a creative designer are as follows:
  1. Creative designer follow the creative and functional aspects of fashion, styling, colors, variety, fit, sizing, and end use.
  2. Creative designer produce or plan a design concept and presenting the idea with a rough layout that include sketches or digital illustrations.
  3. After complete the design plan they might work in co-operate with managers, engineers, artists and other designers to evaluate the reliability of the design.
  4. They give different solutions about the actual production of this design concept.
  5. After approving the design for production purpose prototype can be create. He ensure the prototype is created within project specifications and expectations
  6. They will be responsible for finding vendors to do work with.
  7. Designer must create hanger and emotional apparel to sales representatives, retail buyers and customers.
  8. Designer must focus on garments appearances and customer’s preferences.
  9. The designer challenge is to sell their creative design within the company.
  10. They create the desired appearance and function though combining structure and material.
  11. They work with merchandisers in developing consistency among seasons and occasions.
  12. Designers also develop design, specifications for sample makers.
  13. They can do visual merchandising task like creative window display, digital display, banners etc for fashion retailing.
  14. Designers create new pattern to develop a new design for their customers.