Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Step by Step T-Shirt Measurement Techniques

T-shirt is the most popular garments item for both men and women. From the apparel professionals to customers, everybody wants to get a perfect size of t-shirt. For getting an actual measurement and a perfect looks of a basic T-shirt, must know the right measurement procedure. Before taking a size measurement, you should know about the different parts of a basic T-shirt otherwise you will not take the actual measurement of t-shirt because that is the main part for a measurement procedure. But measurement procedures are changed according to different types of T-shirt styles. 

Different basic parts of a T-shirt:
Here I will give different components of a basic T-shirt. All these parts are mention in below with picture.

Different main parts of a T-shirt
Fig: Different main parts of a T-shirt
Size charts of t-shirt:
t-shirt size charts
Fig: t-shirt size charts
Measuring Process of T-shirt:
Before taking a size measurement of a basic t-shirt you should follow some techniques. They are below:

  • Avoid the stretch of t-shirt
  • Must be remove the t-shirt wrinkles
  • Fabric covered surfaces is not use.
  • T-shirt surfaces must be flat on table.
Now enjoy step by step basic T-shirt measuring procedure. Hope it will be helpful for you.
Sketch of t-shirt with parts name
Fig: Sketch of t-shirt with parts name
Measurement Process of t-shirt

1. Body length:
Take measurement of body length from collar seam to the bottom of hem. 

2. Body width measured on half:
Measured ½ cheats, 1” below armhole from side seam to side seam. 

3. Body sweep measured on half:
Take measured at the bottom from side seam to side seam.

4. Shoulder width:
Shoulder width measured from the shoulder point to shoulder point. 

5. Neck width:
Neck width measured from the neck point to neck point.

6. Neck opening:
Neck opening is measured from all around the neck.

7. Sleeve length:
Place your measurement tape straight from top shoulder seam to the sleeve end. 

8. Sleeve width:
Sleeve width measured 1” below armhole seam and measured straight across sleeve. 

9. Sleeve opening:

Sleeve opening is measured along the open ends with rib relaxed. 

10. Armhole:

Take armhole measurement on half along curve of sleeve seam.

11. Pocket:

Place your measurement tape from high point shoulder to right of center on t-shirt.