Monday, January 16, 2017

Diversification and Uses of Denim Fabrics

Diversification of Denim:
Denim is a type of cotton twill textile known for its use in blue jeans and other clothing. It was originally used by workers. They wore denim clothes because of its durability and safety. Denim fabric became popular at first among people of western countries and then gradually all over the world. Now fashion is incomplete without denim. But, consumer’s need for new products is unlimited. So, to meet this essential demand, the fabric designers and manufacturers were obliged to produce different types of denim at present, hundreds of derivatives of denim are available. Also new types of denim products are being developed. The diversification of denim has gone so far that some denims are not event will based. They are being produced on plain-based weave design.
Denim dress
Fig: Denim dress
Denim is comparatively heavy fabric composed of higher linear density yarn both in warp and weft. This fabric is not very soft in handle. Different fancy yarn-slub yarn, thick-thin yarns are used in the diversification of denim. Lycra (elastomeric fiber) yarn is also introduced in the diversified denim. Diversification is also done by the change of EPI, PPI and count. Different yarn count may be used in consecutive insertion for diversification. For increasing the agreed level of denim throughout the world, diversification is the most important factor. Denim is very popular among the teenagers as well as older people.
Denim sunglass frame
Fig: Denim sunglass frame
Denim’s popularity was also on the rise. It was stronger and more expensive than jeans, and though the two fabrics were very similar in some ways, they did have one major differences: denim was made of one colored thread and one white thread; jean was woven of two threads of the same color.

Denim is no longer a cotton product. Denim comes with either polyamide, lycra, polypropylene or with polyester and especial bonding with a 100% nylon net for a more active look. Two way stretch fabrics and special coatings or rubberized effects continue to be a strong trend.

End Uses or Prospects of Denim:
In modern world, the apparels made from denim have become very popular among wearing. We know that now days, denim is used for making jacket, men’s trouser, baby wear, shirt's, ladies wear and day by day, its acceptability is increasing among consumers. Denim goods are now being used among almost all type of people. Now denim is so versatile. Denim wear crosses the line of fashion boundary. In the past, it was used by workers as a safety wear. Now it is used for making decorative cap and ladies handbag, school and college bag, and travel bag. So, range of denim apparels are widening day by day. So Denim is used for jacket, pant, shorts, shirt, skirts, suits, hats, belts, boots and athletic shoes, denim wine bags, denim pencil case, denim apron, denim pillows, denim quilt, lampshades, upholstery etc. Now denim is also used to make sunglass frame.
Denim bikini
Fig: Denim bikini
Without common uses of denim, there are some very interesting products. You may get surprised of versatile uses of denim.
  • Denim Wedding and Other Dresses
  • Denim Helmet
  • Denim Sarees
  • Sunglass frame
  • Denim Wedding and Other Dresses
  • Denim Coat for Dogs And Pets
  • Denim Toilet Seat
  • Denim Underwears, Bikinis and Bras
  • Denim Curtains
  • Denim Car Seat Covers
  • Denim Face Mask
  • Denim Mobile Case
  • Denim Insulation