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Bursting Strength Tester for Best Performance of Textile Testing

Bursting Strength Tester:
The bursting strength tester is used to analyze the maximum amount of force which is required to collapse a material when a force is applied to it by placing it on a rubber diaphragm. The testing instrument is used to test the bursting strength of the papers and boards that are used to make different kinds of packaging materials. The device is used widely to test the materials like fabrics, card boards, papers, etc. In this manner, it has become easy for the manufacturer to analyze the bursting strength of the material they are using to manufacture packaging boxes and bags.
bursting strength tester
Fig: Bursting strength tester
The Use Of Bursting Strength Tester For Best Performance Of Textile:
  • Are you looking for a digital instrument that can accurately measure the bursting strength of a paper or plastic material?
  • Are you looking for a machine that can make your work easier and faster?
The bursting strength tester is the best test machine which is widely used to evaluate the burst strength of the papers and textile materials to make the products burst proof. The instrument offers highly accurate, reliable test results with highly advanced features. Before buying the instrument, one must spend some valuable time in understanding the pre-requisites of a bursting strength tester to measure the performance of the material in harsh working conditions.

But before you invest your hard earned money, you must spare some time to understand what bursting strength is all about and what kind of device should be used to measure it accurately. The strength of the material is measured to compare the quality of the packaging materials while keeping certain factors in the mind like strength of the paper, no of plies, diameter of flutes in corrugated sheets. This can be done efficiently with the help of high quality of instruments that must be designed with specialized features and standardized quality of raw material. The best testing instrument which is used to measure the bursting strength of the papers and packaging products is the "Bursting Strength Tester". The instrument creates sufficient hydraulic load under the rubber diaphragm in a specific area of the test specimen. This exceptionally advantageous instrument is widely used to measure the strength of various types of fabrics like cloth, paper, synthetic leather, corrugated boxes, cardboards, raw cardboards, cartons, etc. The value which is generated from the test is expressed in terms of kg/cm2.

This is the best, easiest and trouble free method that accurately measures the bursting strength of the substances. The test procedure is initiated by preparing the samples as per the standards which is required to perform the test. Now, place the specimen between the circular clamps and adjust the clamps with the help of geared handles to tighten the sample on the device to avoid slippage. Once the sample is uploaded on the instrument perfectly, hydraulic pressure is provided at an increasing rate with the help of a pressure button until the specimen burst or ruptures. This test helps to know how much pressure the material can bear without destroying it. The test is performed to obtain repeatable, consistent and accurate test results. While buying the instrument, the users must also check whether the calibration with peak hold facility is provided with the device or not.

The Types of Bursting Strength Tester:
Bursting Strength Tester is available in three types:

  1. Board Tester
  2. Paper Tester Two-in-One Paper and 
  3. Board Tester 
Board Tester
Fitted with Molded Rubber Diaphragm to test material with higher burst values like Paperboard, Corrugated Board, Fabric Cloth, etc. (Range: 0-35/70 kg/cm2). Also offered with double pressure gauges (Range: 0 to 7 & 0 to 35/70 kg/cm2) but readings in the lower range are only indicative and not accurate.

Paper Tester
Fitted with thin Rubber Diaphragm to accurately test materials having lower burst values like Paper (Range: 0 to 7/10/14 kg/cm2).

Two-in-One Paper And Board Tester
Fitted with Thin as well as Molded Rubber Diaphragms for testing materials with lower as well as higher burst values accurately (Range: 0 to 7/10 & 35/70 kg/cm2).

The General Features
of Bursting Strength Tester: :
  1. A precise and reliable machine.
  2. Sturdy in construction.
  3. Correctly matched motor gives constant pumping rate for better performance, eliminating manual error.
  4. Three spare rubber diaphragms and one bottle of hydraulic fluid supplied with machine.
  5. All replaceable parts readily available.
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