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Machinery of Blow Room Section: Unifloc, Uniclean, Unimix and Uniflex

Blow room is a first processing section of cotton yarn manufacturing. The main objectives of this section are opening, cleaning and mixing of cotton fiber. There are sets of machinery are placed in this section.
Machine and fiber flow sequence in blow room





Cleaning efficiency of blowroom section is 60-70%. If there are 3% trash present in bale cotton then after passing of blow room section, there are only 1.2-0.9% trash present in delivery blowroom cotton. Metal, dust and foreign fiber are also separated in this section.

Basic operation in blowroom:
  1. Opening the cotton fiber
  2. Cleaning the cotton fiber
  3. Homogenious mixing or blending of cotton fiber.
  4. Dust, metal and foreign fiber removal.
  5. Transportation of fiber from one machine to next machine.
Objects of blowroom:
  • As small as possible small of clean tuft formation from bale cotton.
  • Uniform feeding to the carding machine.
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Important machinery in blow room section are discussed below:

It is a bale breaking and opening machine. It travels at uniform speed from first to last bale of cotton and collect the fiber in small size from bale cotton and supplied to the next machine. This machine takes the fiber material gently and efficiently from bales at micro tufts size and supplies to the next machine from which impurities can be removed very rapidly in the subsequent processes.

Unifloc machine
Fig: Unifloc machine
It is a coarse cleaning machine. The small tufts of uniflock machine are fed in this machine. There are opening roller consists with many spikes helps to opening the tuft of fiber and with combination of grid bar fiber is cleaned here. Trash, dust and foreign material of cotton fiber are separated by this machine. Cleaning is performed without nipping and is therefore very gentle to the fibers and at the same time efficient. This ensures a high level of raw material utilization. The output of the machine is up to 1200 kg/h to be achieved.

Uniclean machine
Fig: Uniclean machine
It is a mixing machine of 6-8 chute chambers into which the output material of uniclean is blown. Here chute chambers are filled successively and removed simultaneously. This principle of this mixing machine helps to homogenous, intimate mixing of the opened cotton in a minimum of space, even with unfavorable bale lay-down. This gives uniform long term mixing or blending of fibers. Production of this machine is upto 1000 kg/hr.

Unimix machine
Fig: Unimix machine
It is a fine cleaning machine. Mixed cotton is fed to this machine for intensive cleaning. Tuft of cotton are converted into very small size and cotton are cleaned by removing impurities (leaved, sand) without further damage of fiber. Beater speed, no of spikes and grid bar setting play important role for cleaning of cotton.

Uniflex machine
Fig: Uniflex machine
There are also metal extractor, dust collector, foreign fiber extractor and condenser present in blow room line.

Cleaning efficiency: The cleaning efficiency of blow room line is 60-70%. If a cotton contain 4% trash, then 2.4-2.7% trash is removed in blow room section.

Production of blow room: 700-1000 kg per hour per blow-room line.

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