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Latest Designer Saree Collection In Bangladesh 2017

Bangladesh is home to exquisite collection of designer sarees garnished with both traditional and western colors. Since sarees are specially designed for occasions like weddings, parties, sangeet and anniversaries; here in this post, you are guaranteed to find eminent collection of latest saree designs in Bangladesh 2017 with different sarees types make your buying decision easier.

The legendary Saree is a dress that screams elegance and beauty. These carefully embroidered Sarees are all set to offer some of the most appealing colors and latest styles; from silk to Georgette. You can take your pick of your favorite type of Saree and bring your own unique style of sophistication to any sort of occasion.
Beautiful Bengali saree collection
Fig: Beautiful Bengali saree collection
The Bengali Saree is elegant and crafted to cater to both beauty and elegance. The right kind of Saree makes all the difference in the sophistication that Bengali women can possess. Crafted with poise and designed to cater to fashion and comfort; these superior apparels of clothing are the perfect mixture of traditional fashion and trendy modern style.

There are many different styles of that are available in Bangladesh each unique in its own way and provides its personal touch of sophisticated style to women in Bangladesh.

Silk Sarees
The silk Saree is arguably the most popular in the country. This is because Silk fabric offers a higher touch of sophistication that is relatively unmatched by other forms of Sarees. These are optimal for wearing for many different types of formal and informal occasions bringing out grace that is simply eye catching.

Silk Saree
Fig: Silk Saree
Georgette Sarees
A trendy and relatively new fabric for Bengali Sarees that has its fabric roots in early 1900s French fashion. The fabric is a mixture of polyester and synthetic filaments. This makes the threading very thin and gives the dress a floating appearance. It’s a popular choice for women in Bangladesh to wear these beautiful Sarees to casual events, festivals and gatherings.

Bangladeshi Georgette Saree
Fig: Beautiful Bangladeshi Georgette Saree
Cotton Sarees
One of the oldest and most revered fabrics used in clothing fabric. The cotton Saree is an all time favorite of women in Bangladesh and most Bengali women have multiple Cotton Sharees in their wardrobe. This Saree is ideal for stylish traditional clothing for the hot climate of the country and the comfort that this piece of clothing is able to provide is second to none.

Bangladeshi Cotton Saree
Fig: Bangladeshi Cotton Saree
Katan Sarees
Katan Sarees are woven with some of the most luxurious pure silk fabrics in the world. These beautiful Sarees are traditional fashion at its best. The hand crafted embroidery that goes into making them is an achievement of excellent craftsmanship. This dress is a must for formal occasion including weddings and are guaranteed to keep the wearer the focus of attention.

Bangladeshi Katan Saree
Fig: Bangladeshi Katan Saree
Jamdani Sarees
Jamdani Sarees speak volumes of heritage culture that became popular in the late 1940s. The dress made by combining cotton with the finest Muslin to create an amazing combo that is trendy, traditional and elegant.

Beautiful Bangladeshi Jamdani Saree
Fig: Beautiful Bangladeshi Jamdani Saree
Tant Sarees
The synonym to Bengali traditional wear; the Tant Saree is as unique to Bengali fashion as the Fatua. This Saree is must have for all Bengali women and most women in Bangladesh have a couple ready for wearing to outtings to provide that superior touch of beauty and culture.

Beautiful Bangladeshi Tant Saree
Fig: Beautiful Bangladeshi Tant Saree
Kota Sarees
The formal half of Bangladesh traditional fashion; this Saree is made from a combination of cotton and silk. This unique combination of hot and cold makes it a great form of traditional formal wear that is as sober as it is fashionable.

Beautiful Bangladeshi Kota Saree
Fig: Beautiful Bangladeshi Kota Saree
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