Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Main Features and Parts of Knitting Machine

A knitting machine is a machine can convert one or one set of yarn into loop structured fabric by the mechanical movement of it basic elements. The main basic elements of knitting machine are needle, sinker and cam. There are different types of knitting machine for the production of different type of knit fabric, e.g. single jersey, double jersey, pollo and lacosts etc.

Different parts of knitting machine:

Schematic diagram of a knitting machine
Fig: Schematic diagram of a knitting machine
Main parts of a knitting machine is given below:
1 – Legs
2 – Cylinder
3 – Dial
4 – Needle
5 – Cam parts
6 – Feeder guide
7 – Cam
8 – Supply package
9 – Creel
10 – Top stop motion
11 – Anti snarl device
12 – Tensioner
13 – Positive feeder
14 – Knitted fabric
15 – Fabric spreader
16 – Fabric withdrawal
17 – Fabric winding roller

The following parts also present in knitting machine:

  1. Latch needle
  2. Cylinder with trick
  3. Dial with trick
  4. Cylinder cam
  5. Dial cam
  6. Yarn feeder and yarn guide
  7. Cylinder driven wheel
  8. Cylinder driven gear
  9. Cloths take up system.
Main features of a knitting machine:
  1. The basic frame of the machine is normally circular or rectilinear according to arrangement of needle bad shape.
  2. It must have a power supply system to drive the mechanism of the machine.
  3. It must have good yarn supplying system, which can control yarn tension and feed.
  4. The machine must be mechanical flexible to movement the needle according to design for making loop.
  5. Machine have good take up mechanism.
  6. It must have good quality monitoring system (stop motion, fabric fault detector, needle detector, auto oilier and lint removal system).
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