Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Color Selection Techniques for Fashion Designers

The choice of color is the main elements for dress design. The selection of color within design is quite a personal thing. In our daily life dress color almost express our personality, because every color have different meaning. A perfect dress design almost depends on the color selection. We all have our own personal palettes that we like to work with – colors that we feel are exciting, comfortable, classy or fun.

As a fashion designer you may have to work outside your own range of colors with palettes you are not very comfortable with. But, if you have a own fashion house or boutiques, then you will free to use your color with design to decorate a dress. It is therefore important to try and understand the relation with color and design and how colors work together, and experiment.
Relation with color and design
Fig: Relation with color and design
Different designers color choice:
Every fashion designers are known for their use of color. Different color palettes are help them to select their perfect one. fashion designers are apply their own choice on color with design.

Here I have mention some most famous fashion designers color selection techniques:
  • The Japanese designers Comme des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto tend to use dark colors. They are concentrate more on the intelligent cutting of a garment and than select a fantastic color for their collection.
  • Fashion designer Gianni Versace, always choice relishes colorful collections to persuade its customer.
  • Marni and Dries Van Noten use all types of color beautifully, their palettes are sophisticated and unusual.
  • Famous fashion designer Calvin Klein is known for its muted neutral tones and Tommy Hilfiger more unique for bold primary colors.
  • Certain colors such as red, navy, black, white and ivory are so basic. All fashion designers are always prefer this kind of color for their fashionable collection for mass-market end usage.
  • Menswear colors tend to use these safer colors in mass-market and high-end fashion.
  • For the women’s wear design, fashion designer use the different types of color according to the season and special occasion.
  • For the children wear, every designers prefer to design soft and cool color. 
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