Thursday, June 15, 2017

Effects of Language of Color on Dress Design

To understand design, the language of color is the most important. The human eye can see around 350,000 colors, but they cannot remember them all. Colors language is important to have a way to identify and communicate colors. Different words are used to explain and give reference to a type of color by association, for example, pillar-box red or blood red. Color language is the best way to select right color for dress design
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Colorful from dress
Fig: Colorful from dress
Color is the main elements of design. So, Fashion designers should have knowledge about color language; because they are apply color on their dress according to the season, culture, and program variation.

Color tones:
When we add both black and white color to a hue then tones are created. It is depending on the proportions of black, white color shade and the original hue used. Color tones can be darker or lighter than the original hue. Tones can express subtle and complex qualities in a hue or combination of hues, and that are more true to the way we see colors in our real world.

There are 2 types of color tones that are helps to select color on dress design. Words are also used to describe specific color tones, for example,

Cool color:
Pleasant color which keeps cool. Cool colors have a blue undertone, green, and purple.

Warm color:
The colors suggesting an energetic and upbeat image, such as: Red, yellow and orange are warm colors.

Worm and cool color wheel chart
Fig: Worm and cool color wheel chart
Country wise usable color:
Color language is totally different according to the country, culture, religion and program. Every color has subjective and symbolic meanings. But we give different meaning according to country. We apply our own individual characteristics and associations to color and various cultures see color differently. Here I will show the country wise color language.

In Europe:
The color blue is connected with a boy and pink for a girl, white for a wedding and black for mourning.

In India:
Red is associated with fertility and is also used as a wedding color, while white is linked to mourning.

In most Asian cultures:
Yellow is the imperial color and has many of the same cultural associations as purple does in the West.

In China:
Red is symbolic of prosperity, luck and celebration, and white is express the symbol of mourning and death.

In Bangladesh:
Mainly red, maroon, magenda color used in the weeding as a bride saree but now different colors are also preferable. White and black is a symbol of mourning and death. Pohela Boishak and Falgun is the cultural program in Bangladesh. They are use red, yellow, white, blue and many different colors for Pohela Boishsk and for the Fulgun program they use yellow color.

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