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Function of Finishing Department in Garment Industry

In the apparel industry, finishing room is the last steps of garment manufacturing or assembling the operation are performed. After making complete stitched garments by sewing section, these are passed in finishing department for ironing, folding, poly packing, cartoning to get attractive appearance. All types of garments finishing activities are done here.

Functions of Finishing Department in Apparel Industry:
Before going to know about functions of finishing department. Here I have given the flow chart of garments finishing section which will be effective to know at a glance.

Garment finishing department
Fig: Garment finishing department
Flow chart of finishing department in garment industry:

Received sewn garments from sewing room

Initial quality check


Button attached

Tread trimming

Ironing/pressing (inside)

Quality inspection (inside) process wise

Ironing / pressing (outside)

Quality inspection (outside) process wise


Inspection overall (out looks)

Accessories attached


Shade sorting

Poly packing

Quality audit

Prepare a packing list


Carton pack

Final inspection

Record the documents

Garment finishing department’s function are discussed below:

Received sewn garments from sewing room:
Here, sewn garments are received from sewing department for finishing the garments.

Initial quality check:
Here stitched garments are initially checked by the quality controller. If their found any repairable or washable defects then garments need repair works in finishing section. But if found major sewing defects, fabric faults then again send to the sewing department for correction.

For wash garments, 100% check is required after receiving the garments from the sewing department. Defective garments should be rectified and reject pcs should be sorted out. If there are any faults like oil marks, stains, other dust and spots then garment washing must be needed. Some spots are removed by using spot remover and dust and stains are removed by using machine wash inside the finishing section.

Button attached:
Button, button holes, snap button, eyelets are attached on garment in finishing section.

Tread trimming:
Garment uncut treads are trimmed by helper in finishing section. Otherwise it creates major or minor defects in garment.

Ironing/pressing (inside):
To remove unwanted wrinkles or crease mark, garments are pressed by using steam iron. For getting actual garment measurement vacuum tables are used for garment ironing.

Quality inspection (inside) process wise:
After complete the inside ironing then inspect the quality of garments.

Ironing / pressing (outside):
If the inside garments quality inspection is done then it passes for outside pressing.

Quality inspection (outside) process wise:
Check the outside garments quality like measurement, placement of collar etc.

When all the quality (like inside and outside) inspection is complete then garments are placed for re-pressing.

Inspection overall (out looks):
Here, quality inspector ensures the overall out looks of garments.

Accessories attached:
All kinds of garments accessories like hang tag, price tag, barcode etc are attached here.

Garments are folded here as following the buyer’s instruction.

Shade sorting:
Quality inspector checks the color shade sorting on garments. They calculate a shade number for each sample based on how close its color shade is to the standard.

Poly packing:
After folding and color shade sorting garments are poly packed here as per buyer requirements.

Quality audit:
Quality audit can be performed in the sewing section as well as in the finishing section. It is very effective quality control activity to achieve the quality target. Quality audit is done prior to final inspection.

Prepare a packing list:
In this stage, finishing in-charge prepare packing list for cortoning and garment shipment also. After preparing packing list finishing department inform it with apparel merchandiser.

Before cartoning finishing in-charge must confirm and follow the color and size wise assorting system.

Carton pack:
Here all the garments should pack to send the garments safely in to the buyer.

Final inspection:
If all the above processes are perfectly done, then apparel manufacturers are organized pre-shipment or final inspection on garments. After finished the garments, factory top management, merchandiser, production manager, QC, Finishing inspector and buyers representatives are to do this final inspection.

Record the documents:
All details documents about production to shipment must be recorded or file up in the official desk.

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