Monday, April 3, 2017

Modern Textile Testing and Quality Control Instruments

Quality is a relative term. It is the attribute of the products that determines its fitness for use. We can define textile and apparel quality as it is all specific properties and performance of a textile or apparel product or service that can be evaluated to determine whether a product or services satisfactorily meets the purposes of its uses. Quality depends on buyer satisfaction. In modern and fast growing world there is no alternative of quality in textile and apparel products. So, manufacturing of quality products with customer requirements, textile and garment manufacturers use modern textile testing and quality equipments in every stage of production.

modern textile testing and quality equipments
Fig: Modern textile testing and quality equipments
Fast all the following textile testing instruments are run, controlled and displayed its result on monitor with help of various program. In this article I have given a list of most popular and frequently used textile testing and quality control equipments in textile and apparel manufacturing industry.

List of Modern Textile Testing and Quality Control Equipments:

  1. Tensile Tester
  2. Lea Strength Tester
  3. Single Yarn Tester
  4. Twist Tester
  5. Wrap reels
  6. Yarn evenness tester
  7. Fabric strength tester
  8. Crimp rigidity tester
  9. Bursting strength tester
  10. Stiffness tester
  11. Tearing strength tester
  12. Pilling tester
  13. Air permeability tester
  14. Crease recovery tester
  15. Crimp tester
  16. Drape tester
  17. Launderometer
  18. Crock tester
  19. Spray tester
  20. Color fastness tester (Perspirometer)
  21. Package hardness
  22. Yarn tension meter
  23. Moisture meter
  24. High Volume Instrument (HVI)
  25. Advanced fiber information System (AFIS)
  26. Uster tester-5 (UT-5)
  27. OASYS
  28. Servo controller
  29. Fault detector
  30. Tachometer
  31. Ring data system
  32. Hairiness tester
  33. Yarn strength tester (Tensile and compression)
  34. Friction tester
  35. Abrasion tester
  36. Yarn tension meter
  37. Flammability tester
  38. Maturity tester
  39. Thermal stress tester
  40. Torsion tester
  41. Densimeter
  42. Luster color meter
  43. Yarn friction tester
  44. Trash analyzer
  45. Fibre bundle strength tester
  46. Yarn appearance apparatus
  47. Thickness gauge/micrometer
  48. Beasley balance
  49. Fiber blender (fibro-mixer)
  50. Fabric yarn counting
  51. Fabric construction by OASYS
  52. Temperature measurement by thermo sensor
  53. Squeezing pressure messing devices
  54. Automatic fabric inspection machine by OASYS
  55. Spectrophotometer (shade matching, recipe formulation, fastness assessment, batch sorting)
  56. Computer color matching (CCM)
  57. Color separation
  58. Fabric inspection machine for knitted and woven fabrics
  59. Stroboscope
  60. Quadrant scale
  61. Wrinkle recovery tester
  62. Scorch tester
  63. Knit shrinkage gauge
  64. Martindale abrasion tester
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