Monday, April 17, 2017

Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine: Parts, Feature, Advantages and Disadvantages

Cutting is the first physical step taken on the fabric. After marker making the marker pcs with the fabric are cut for sewing. As different parts of a garment have different shapes the cutting arrangements changes with it. A knife is the best choice for efficient fabric cutting. The most commonly used fabric cutting machine is straight knife cutting machine. Straight knife fabric cutting machine is the world’s most popular and most versatile which is widely used in apparel industry.

Requirements of fabric cutting:

  • Precision in cut
  • Clean edge
  • Infused edge
  • Consistency in cutting
  • Support of lay
Typical specification of straight knife cutting machine:
  • Machine name: Straight knife cutting machine
  • Brand name: Yamata
  • Model: FY-103
  • Weight: 19/16 kg
  • RPM: 2800-3480
  • Volt: 220
Main parts of straight knife cutting machine:
The main parts of a straight knife fabric cutting machine as shown in the figure are:

Different Parts of Straight Knife Cutting Machine
Fig: Different Parts of Straight Knife Cutting Machine
  1. A base plate based on rollers for easy movements
  2. Handle
  3. Knife
  4. Knife guard
  5. Knife clamp
  6. Pressure float
  7. Roller
  8. Pressure feed lifter
  9. Wheel
  10. Safety guard liver
  11. An electric motor
  12. Stand or up right
  13. Grinding wheel
  14. Sharp lever
Feature of Straight knife cutting machine:
  • Cutting knife is straight in shape
           Blade length = 10” – 12” (10-33 cm)
           Blade width = 1.5 – 3 cm
           Blade thickness = 0.5 mm
  • Knife is driven by electricity
  • Grinding apparatus is present to sharpener the knife.
  • Base plate is on for easy movement.
  • Handle to make cutting direction.
  • Blade can have straight wave, saw edge but straight is most common.
  • The conventional cutting m/c in the garments factories of Bangladesh, India, Srilanka.
  • Suitable for mass trimming cotton, woolen, linen leather and chemical fiber goods etc.
  • Neat cutting, small curvature radius curvilinear cutting.
  • Low noise, stable running, easy to operate and high efficiency.
  • Incorporated with an auto knife grinding device, easier to operate.
Advantages of straight knife cutting machine:
  • High production fabric cutting machine.
  • Possible to cut large depth/height of fabric.
  • Possible to cut fabric directly.
  • Both sharpener and heavy curves be cut.
  • Comparatively cheap and can be transferred easily from one place to another.
  • Round corners can be cut more precisely then even round knife.
  • Production speed is very good as up to 10 heights can be cut at a time.
  • Garments components can be directly separated form fabric lays.
  • Fabric can be cut from any angle.
Disadvantages of straight knife cutting machine:
  • Blade deflection occurs is in some cases fabric cut pieces can be found faulty.
  • Higher depth of fabric leads to higher faults.
  • Intensity of accident is light.
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