Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quality Control in Garment Finishing

Finishing section is the last section to produce a ready-made garment, to increase salability and appearance, to make high quality garment, to get the final finishing touch on garment, to give the attractive packaging looks and to fill up the buyer requirements in the apparel manufacturing industry.

How to check finishing quality in garment:
To get defects free garment, finishing quality control is the first priority for the apparel manufacturer. Finishing quality control generally done in different sections in during finishing process. These are following below:

Finishing section quality control
Fig: Finishing section quality control
Check list for initial stage of finishing process-
  1. Thread cutting
  2. Butting attaching
  3. Ironing / pressing
  4. Folding/ poly packing: Make sure that, they are follow the buyer instructions or not.
Check list for the pre-final and final inspection:

1. Packing list: Make sure that the packing list is perfectly ok or not.

2. Carton: Check the following items carefully.
  • Quantity
  • Measurement / dimension
  • Labeling / shipping mark
  • Carton sealing
  • Carton strapping
  • Carton paper
  • Carton ply
3. Quantity of product per carton

4. Assortment/ Ratio

5. Product is king / folding shape.

6. Color shade (for solid color): When fabrics come in to garment factory against any order from abroad/ local fabric dyeing factory, it’s found different color shade roll in the same color i.e. slide light, slide dark, slide tone different for this reason garment factory to control shade variation works perfectly.

Here I have mention some solution and tips for color shade inspection.
  • 8” x 8” size fabric cut from every roll.
  • Marking roll number by permanent marking pen at back side of cut piece.
  • Every cut piece joints each other and makes a blanket.
  • Then it washes into standard approval shade.
  • Garment factory now segregate same color tone in one bundle and shade grading A, B, C, D.
  • First A shade roll cutting by pattern then B, C, D, shade separately.
  • After garment making shade level attached on body.
  • Then go to washing plant for standard washing.
  • Washing plant done shade level wise washing in respective wash.
  • After wash if any big shade variation found then again rewash to match with buyer approval standard.
  • Final quality checking time, garments go to finishing section for thread cutting, butting attached, iron and poly.
7. Finishing accessories availability: Different types of finishing accessories are used in finishing section to make a quality garment and for attractive appearance. Quality control depends on following points:
  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Placement/ position
  • Information
8. Product quality:
  • Stitching
  • Shape/ appearance
  • Positioning/ placement
  • Dirty stain
  • Spots
  • Fabric
  • Trim and accessories (quality and placement)
  • Measurement / specification of product 
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