Friday, April 14, 2017

Production and Shipment System in Apparel industry

Production management system:
Production management system is the process by which any garment manufacturing operation can be done properly with time and cost management.

Production is the basic activity of all apparel industry and all other activities revolve around production activity. The output of production is the creation of goods or services which satisfy the needs of the customer.

Product development system:
The product development system consists of line planning and consumer research, concept development, quick costing, sampling, specification development, and line review. This process includes many interrelated functions that affect one another. Creating a prototype, developing pattern or preliminary costing could eventually required redefine the line plan or development of new style concepts.

The merchandisers are responsible for coordinating design activities. Merchandising must provide rigorous control of the product development process to ensure that balanced grouping of styles are ready for each offering.

Production and shipment system:
Production goes through different kind of steps. It needs many quality checking and approval to be perfect. It is run by those system is called production system likes knitting, dyeing, printing, sample making, cutting, sewing etc.

Production and shipment system
Fig: Production and shipment system
Shipping is a system process of model which covers planning and execution of receipts, shipments, nominations and itineraries for ship, truck or pipeline. It can handle world scale calculations and tracking of vessels and inventories at multiple terminals and berths. This operational model includes all internal and external movements.

Shipping management maintained such features:
  • Able to track individual transactions or gross quantities
  • Manages planned and actual transactions.
  • External material transfers can be balanced against internal facility movements.
  • Able to manage data multiple cargoes, cargoes with multiple shipment, shipments with split ownership.
  • Able to manage multiple versions of transaction quantities and qualities.
  • Integrated with real-time instrumentation.
  • Handles all supply chain movements including. Ship, truck and pipeline.
The latest track and trace technologies:
Modern trace and track systems that focus on the IT-based solutions. It is monitoring and recording of shipment movements from origin to destination. In the apparel manufacturing industry, garment products are tracked in terms of geographic location and time-delays. In this modern tracing system, buyers and manufacturer know the status and physical conditions of the goods.

Here I have mentioned some latest track and trace technologies for shipment:
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Java Mobile Cell Tracking
  • Mobile Phone Approximated (AGPS)
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Web-based telephone Tracking
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