Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pre Final / Lot Pass Inspection in Apparel Industry

Pre-final or lot pass inspection:
Some apparel industry conduct per-final or lot pass inspection randomly on table passed sewn goods to bolster inspection procedure so that no defective goods can pass the rigorous inspection network. This inspection is conducted by random selection of goods as per predetermine procedure specified by statistical quality control technique in apparel industry.

Guideline to mockup final/lot pass inspection:
100% of the goods are generally inspected at the end of the line inspection (table inspection). But even 100% inspection is not full-proof. Shoddy or poor goods often pass such table inspections. In order to be rigorous in inspection of goods, it is necessary that goods passed at the table shall again undergo statistical method of inspection. This method of inspection after sewing stage is called lot pass or mock up final inspection. This is very important and most of the good factories follow such practices.
 Pre-final inspection in garment industry
Fig: Pre-final inspection in garment industry
Tools and environment required for lot pass inspection:
Generally one or more trained inspector conducts lot-pass inspection. Here I have mention some equipped with the following tools & environment.
  • A wise table (of greenish grey color) lit with tube lights, having enough the tune of 1000 lax.
  • A measuring tape, and also need another measuring tape fixe on the table.
  • Good quality scissors.
  • Gummed paper arrow to display location of defects etc.
  • Inspectors must have a worksheet/P.O sheet along with size-spec & inspection sampling plan.
  • Inspector must have special buyer instruction and requirements, if there is any.
  • For each style there should be approved sample in case proximity to the inspector.
Lot pass inspection procedure:
  • Take a lot of garments passed by table inspectors & counts the quantity. This quantity will be treated as lot size.
  • Draw sample size randomly from this lot as per your inspection sampling plan (AQL) for final inspection is 4% use here inspection sampling plan for AQL or 1.5%.
  • Inspection the sample goods.
  • Count the reject garments from this sample. If reject quantity exceeds in the sampling plan, reject the whole lot to the table inspectors for re-check, otherwise accept the lot. Document your all activity.
  • Goods passed in the lot-pass section shall be delivered to the finishing document this quantity in the register. 
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