Friday, April 7, 2017

Garment Production by Using Industrial Sewing Machine

Garment production is complex and huge process. Many operations have to complete for manufacturing a garment. Because it is an assembly- oriented activity with a great range of raw materials, product types, production volumes, supply chains, retail markets and associated technologies. In this experiment I will show how to make a trouser by using industrial sewing machine.
Garment production process
Fig: Garment production process
Name of experiment: How to make trouser by using industrial sewing machine.

  • To know how to make a pattern for trouser.
  • To know about its importance.
Functions of pattern:
  1. To sketch the parts primarily according to the body one paper.
  2. To make a marker for large scale production.
  3. To make pattern for different size increasing measurement.
  4. To use these patterns made by standard body measurement for many times.
  5. Finally to save time and money to make fast and cheaper production.
Measurements of trouser:
Now for making a pattern for trouser measurements are given below:

74 cm
94 cm
Body rise
27.2 cm
Inside leg
79 cm
Bottom width
24 cm
4 cm
It is the joint place of the upper body and lower body of human.

There is a point of the bottom center of a trouser that is called cross point. Now the seat is about 6-7 cm above this cross-point.

Body rise:
It is the sum of front rise and back rise.

Inside leg:
The measure along the sewn from the cross point to the bottom.

Bottom width:
It is the depth of waistband where we wear the belt.

Different parts of trouser:
Different parts of a trouser
Fig: Different parts of a trouser
A trouser has following 6 parts:
  1. Two sides of leg: Top side and bottom side.
  2. Waist band
  3. Belt loops
  4. Fly piece
  5. Pocket bag
  6. Pocket facing
  • Board paper = 2 pcs
  • Pencil = 2 pcs
  • Eraser = 1 pc
  • Meter scale = 1 pc
  • Set square = 1 pc
  • Calculator = 1 pc
  • Scissor = 1 pc
Measurement found:

½ Chest
Sleeve length
½ Arm hole
½ Cuff length
The experiment gives us idea about different types of inspections. I think this experiment will be helpful in our future professional life.


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