Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fabric Properties and Their Measuring Instruments

Fabric properties may vary depending on the specific material. It is essential to know fabric properties for various purposes such as making consumer products like clothing and blankets. There are different properties of fabric like as weight, breathability, softness and degree of waterproofing etc. In below table it is given various properties of fabric.
Fig: Fabric properties
Fabric is constructed by the yarn, which has main influence on the properties of the fabric. Although, fabric construction is play a vital role at the properties of fabric. To assess the quality of woven and knit fabric, the following properties should be measured.

Fabric Properties and Their Measuring Instruments
Fabric Properties
Measuring Instruments
Fabric dimension (length and width)
Scale or measuring tape
Fabric thickness (mm)
Thickness gauge
Fabric Weight (G.S.M = Gram per square meter)
G.S.M cutter and balance
Thread density (ends/inch and picks/inch)
Manually measure by counting glass
Yarn crimp%
Crimp tester
Cover factor
Calculate by formula
Air permeability tester
Fabric stiffness
Shirley Stiffness tester
Crease recovery and crease resistant
Shirley crease recovery tester
Abrasion resistant
Martindle abrasion tester
Pill formation
I.C.I Pilling box
Vertical strip test
Water proof and water repellent
Spray rating or Hydrostatic head tester
Dimensional stability (shrinkage)
Fabric strength
Fabric strength test