Sunday, April 9, 2017

Datacolor and Color Matching System

Datacolor is a global leader in color management solutions and color communication technology. Datacolor solutions assure consistent accurate reliable color. Data color provides affordable, easy to use digital color control products for creative experts, photographers, corporate customers and consumers everywhere. A Swiss company, Data color’s strong worldwide presence encompasses global manufacturing and operational facilities. The Datacolor is the ultimate flexible spectrophotometer, featuring unparalleled accuracy for both Reflection and transmission.
Datacolor machine
Fig: Datacolor machine
Data color is aware of the complexity of shepherding a color recipe from the laboratory into production. With increasing pressure for smaller production lots, shorter time to market and intricate blends, the only way to optimize time, recipe development and production is to have a broad knowledge base taken directly from dyers themselves. Datacolor process is a unique software solution that uses the knowledge of the experts in your company to help you manage dyeing recipes and processes. It is so effective that you will feel the benefits throughout the dyehouse all the way to the bottom line.

Function of Data color:
  • Recipe formulation (lab and production)
  • Lab correction recipe
  • Production correction
  • Dye strength
  • Color difference (pass/fail)
  • Color change/Color staining
  • Whiteness grade
Advantages of Datacolor:
  1. Data security
  2. Data management
  3. Interpreting color differences
  4. Acceptability tolerances
  5. Artificial intelligence tolerancing
  6. Datacolor tolerance
  7. Shade sorting
  8. Artificial intelligence shade sorting
  9. Strength
  10. UV calibration option/whiteness evaluations
  11. Exchanging data with other datacolor tools users
  12. Working/master standard correlation
Data color machine:
Data color makes getting accurate color easy and effective by offering the instruments, software and services you need to achieve the exact results you want.