Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Working Process of Cutting Room in Apparel Industry

Cutting department:
Cutting department is one of the most essential sections for garments manufacturing in the apparel industry. The fabric cutting is started after completing the fabric spreading. In cutting section, fabrics are cut according to the pattern. Perfect fabric cutting depends on the method of cutting and marker planning. For making quality garments they have to follow a working procedure of cutting department to continue their work.
Fabric cutting department
Fig: Fabric cutting department
Cutting hierarchy or organogram:
Here I have shown the organ gram of cutting section.

Cutting manager

Cutting In-charge

Cutting Floor Supervisor

Cutting operator

Cutting helper

Process flow chart of fabric cutting section:
To get the actual measurement of fabric parts according to size and color. Which is essential for the next section. Here is a process sequence with function of cutting section which is strongly followed in the cutting department of a garment manufacturing industry.

Working flowchart of cutting room in garment industry

Received the fabric from dyeing finishing

Received the cutting ratio from apparel merchandiser

Make the cutting quantity plan

Lay planning

Marker making

Make marker ratio

Decide the quantity of fabric spreading

Fix the number of lay per cutting

Take the fabric from store

Check the fabric

Fabric spreading

Marker setting on lay

Fabric cutting


Cutting quality check

Storing & Bundling

Bundles are sending to sewing section for bulk production

Function of cutting department with process sequence:

Received the fabric from dyeing finishing:
When merchandiser confirm about the work order sheet, then cutting section received the required fabric from the dyeing section.

Received the cutting ratio from merchandiser:
Merchandiser sends a cutting ratio for every style of garment to do this job smoothly.

Make the cutting quantity plan:
Cutting manager should make the perfect cutting quantity plan.

Lay planning:
Before fabric spreading, cutting manager and in-charge make a plan about fabric lay.

Marker making:
To finish the accurate cutting process, marker making must be needed for each style of garment.

Make marker ratio:
In this stage marker maker prepare a marker ratio to complete this cutting process.

Decide the quantity of fabric spreading:
Before spreading, cutting in charge take the decision, how many fabrics spreading are required?

Fix the number of lay per cutting:
They also fixed the number of lies which are appropriate for each cutting.

Take the fabric from store:
For cut the every style of garment, cutting in charge receive the fabric from store.

Check the fabric:
Cutting supervisor inspect the fabric faults like, fabric holes, color shading, and any other defects on fabric.

Fabric spreading:
In this stage, fabrics are spread on cutting table according to correct lay height and ply tension.

Marker setting on lay:
When fabric spreading completely done, then the different size and styles of marker set on the top layer of the fabric lay.

Fabric cutting:
Finally fabric cutting is done here.

When the cutting process is finish then numbered the every style of fabric parts to avoid the mixing.

Cutting quality check:
In this stage check the all cutting fabrics quality.

Storing & Bundling:
Fabric cutting parts are storing and bundling here according to color, size and style.

Bundles are sending to sewing section for bulk production:
Finally all bundles are sending to the sewing section for completing bulk production.