Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Garments Finishing Manager’s Job Duties and Responsibilities

Garment finishing manager:
Garments finishing manager is a person who follows the A to Z working process in finishing section in the apparel industry. Job duties and responsibilities of an apparel finishing manager are more. Finishing manager or inspector always ensure that, all the complete garments are carefully checked, properly ironed, measured, cleaned or dust remove, poly packing, and finally cartooned as per buyer specification.
Finishing Section in Garments Industry
Fig: Finishing Section in Garments Industry
Finishing Manager is a professional who target the delivery time of a garments manufacturing technology is finished to achieve the highest quality standard garment, meets the buyer’s requirements, and meets the operator’s health and safety requirements to ensure the consumer is happy with the end result. He always communicates with staff and management to update the information. Apparel finishing in charge involved the end of the working process in the finishing department.

Apparel finishing job:
In the apparel industry, finishing job is help to complete the smooth production for total garment making. Garments finishing manager ensure the every plan for making a defects free garment as per shipment schedule. Finishing job generally include in different sections like, knitting, dyeing, printing, store, batch, laboratory finishing, textile finishing, total garments finishing etc.

To do the finishing job, finishing sections are divided in to 5 categories according to the working types. These are
  1. Thread trimmers,
  2. In-side QC,
  3. Ironing,
  4. Final QC,
  5. Packing and folding sections.
Job Duties and Responsibilities for a Finishing Inspector/In-charge/Manager:
Some basic job duties and responsibilities for a finishing inspector in the garments industry are below:
  1. At first finishing inspector follow up, all the complete garments are perfectly input in finishing room from the sewing section.
  2. He checks all the garment threads are trimmed properly.
  3. Ensure that, the measurements are ok.
  4. To reduce the garment damage by over heat, he controls heat of the iron.
  5. After ironing if any defects are seen, then he pass that garment for immediate cleaning.
  6. Ensure that the finishing tables are clean or not.
  7. Check out the defects and rejects on garment.
  8. Find out the cause of garment defects.
  9. Examine the defects and takes special care about oil marks, stain marks, burns, cracks, and pits etc.
  10. Finishing manager examine the garment, if seam puckering is develops after washing or ironing.
  11. Record the inspection data and submit it.
  12. He ensures that all the goods are folded as per standard practice or as per buyer instruction.
  13. Before poly packing he must inspect goods.
  14. Ensures that, the dusts are removed and the hang tags are properly set on garment.
  15. Must follow the buyer’s specified assortments.
  16. Finishing inspector ensures that packed garment are matches with the approved finished garment.
  17. Ensure the measurements of cartons, quality of packaging, side marks of cartons, destination etc.