Friday, March 10, 2017

20 Essential Tips and Ideas for Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising:
Visual merchandising is the art of retailing for fashion and apparel brands. This is commonly shown in retail stores and trade shows. In the present apparel and fashion retailing business, visual merchandising is the most essential techniques to display the shoppers inside store for increasing the sales of products.

20 essential tips and ideas for visual merchandising in apparel retailing:
Here I have mention some important visual merchandising tips and ideas, that are helps to get expected results, and having a enjoyable retail store environment. These are given with point in below:
Visual merchandising in apparel retailing
Fig: Visual merchandising in apparel retailing
At first read your target customers mind like what they want? Which types of customers are live in your shops location? Fill up the customers demand according to their age variations, lifestyle, income, education level, psychology and behavior.
  1. Find out some innovative and creative display inspiration to attract consumer.
  2. Winter, spring, summer and fall is the common visual merchandising theme but try to apply different theme in every one month. Follow different special events like Father's Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher's Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries festivals, and other celebrations and holidays to create different visual display.
  3. You can try to use the same window display theme every year but avoid using the same materials, boring ideas, display and style.
  4. To decorate visual display, correctly apply the elements of art and principles of design.
  5. Used advanced technology to display product advertisement, message, special events, offers etc on multimedia or flat-screen televisions.
  6. Customer always uses their 5 senses like sight, sound, touch, smell and taste to select their desirable products.
  7. Show your imagination on display set-up and decorate mannequin with latest releases fashionable clothing and stylish fashion accessories but not tell.
  8. Same color, price, size, or types of merchandise are kept together. For this reason they buy more items in a short time.
  9. To get strong result, use the prefect color and props to catch the customer attention.
  10. In arranging product displays, some visual merchandisers are tried to set the rule of three. Like asymmetrical, symmetrical or balanced, Pyramid Principle, side by side or short, medium, and tall style.
  11. To get customers direct attention, use spotlights for highlighting exclusive products.
  12. Product display areas are started closest to the front door.
  13. Leave your old display immediately.
  14. Move or rotate your product displays after two weeks when came new products in store.
  15. Use enough signs and graphics in your store to get the customers attention.
  16. Prepare ideal floor plan in your store like keep more spaces, keep you shelves height lower than 10 feet, well decorated racks, and avoid more products.
  17. Keep your retail store clean and fresh.
  18. Ensure that all of your stock products are is priced.
  19. Focus your price point on merchandise.
  20. Use little flavor fragrance, slow music, and dramatic lighting inside your retail store.
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