Sunday, March 12, 2017

Aims and Objectives of Visual Merchandising in Retail Business

Visual merchandising is the art of techniques that displaying the fashion, apparel and other products with innovative or creative designs or ideas to increase the retail store’s customers and also to maximize the sales. Visual merchandising and attractive window display creates enduring relation with the consumer.
Visual merchandising in fashion retail business
Fig: Visual merchandising in fashion retail business
For this display merchandising, use seasonal and occasional themes and displays with related props to introduce new arrivals to the purchaser. It includes different techniques like, store layout, window dressing with mannequins, signs, Eye catching banner, graphics, photography or brand image and signage, props, and other sales promotional display inside or outside of the retail store.

Visual display is playing one of the vital roles for small boutiques or fashion retail business. To playing these roles, visual merchandisers apply different techniques, tips and ideas to attract window shoppers. Visual merchandiser established a relationship between the merchandise and the customer. If the merchandiser is experienced enough, then all the visual merchandising benefits are worked successfully.

Objectives or purposes of visual merchandising:
All the following objectives are helping the fashion retailers to improve their own retail, fashion house or boutiques sales and popularity.
  1. Visual merchandising helps to promote fashion merchandise.
  2. Visual merchandising is a desire to attract customers.
  3. To display and express detail about new products.
  4. It helps to create eye-catching product displays and store layouts for retail shop.
  5. To attract customers about product in an effective and creative way and encourage them to buy.
  6. Developing an innovative medium to present product in 3D environment, there make able long lasting impact and recall value.
  7. It helps to promote overall retail store image in consumers mind.
  8. Make merchandise easily to locate in the retail shop
  9. It helps to show merchandise assortment easily.
  10. To express store decoration exterior and interior presentations are used.
  11. To get an exclusive position for company or fashion brand.
  12. Build a relationship between fashion, product design and marketing by keeping the product in leading focus.
  13. It is the combination of creativity, technical knowledge and operational aspects of merchandise and the business.
  14. It helps the customer to take purchase decision within shortest time.
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