Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Roles of Professionals in the Apparel Industry

Demand of apparel professionals are increasing day by day in apparel and fashion industry. Job in garment industry is an innovative and smart. They are closely involved in design and product development, production planning, apparel merchandising, production, presentation, sales and buying, marketing & management of apparel. 
Apparel professional
Fig: Apparel professional in on duty
Apparel professional have many different roles in making decisions that make garments serviceable, sale-able, producible, and profitable.

Apparel professionals skills and duties:
Following is a universal skill set for all apparel professionals in the clothing industry.
  1. Professional in the apparel industry should know at least basics of textile and garment manufacturing technology, basic knowledge about textile fibers, knitting and weaving technology, knowledge about dyeing and printing, finishing, garment export procedures, sales and marketing techniques.
  2. Academic background must be needed.
  3. Get latest information about exporters and importers in the world.
  4. Understand the importance of consistence of product standard.
  5. Have a strong teamwork orientation.
  6. Be able to contribute specialized technical expertise.
  7. They ensure which manufacturing processes are used in garment production.
  8. Always check the production updates and ensuring the target productions are met.
  9. Build up their professional relationship with clients.
  10. Make sure about the high quality garment.
  11. Keep maintain ILO standards.
  12. They try to maintain customer desire at first.
  13. Have a convincing power.
  14. Motivate team members.
  15. Focus on accuracy & consistency on product development.
  16. Have a strong priority for satisfying customers.
  17. Have a good negotiation with buyer.
  18. Have a business spirit.
  19. Constantly seek new ideas products and processes.
  20. Always be proactive.
  21. Effectively manage time and other resources.
  22. Get knowledge about latest apparel news, buyer, fashion, design, latest fashion trends, color, season etc.
  23. Use computer technology and electronic communication efficiency.