Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fashionable Look with Handloom Cotton Saree

What is Saree?
A saree, also popularly known as Indian six yards, is undoubtedly most sophisticated and traditional costume. It is not only elegant but stylish too. It is a versatile cloth that one can wear in family occasions, wedding ceremony and even to their workplace. Generally saree is referred 5-9 yards long and about 1.5-3 yards breadth fabric which is generally worn with short top called blouse and petticoat or underskirt. It is typically wrapped around the waist with one end draped over the shoulder baring the midriff. It is a traditional dress of Indian, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan females.
Different types of handloom saree
Fig: Different types of fashionable handloom cotton saree
Different types of handloom saree:
There are different types of hand loom saree, i.e.
  • Jamdanni
  • Benarasi
  • Tangail saree
  • Hand loom cotton sharee
Hand loom cotton saree:
In Bangladesh hand loom cotton saree is mainly manufactured in
  • Shahjadpur
  • Belkuchi
  • Sadar of Shirajgonj
  • Narsingdi
  • Pabna district
Handloom cotton saree as a fashionable dress
  • Day by day sense of fashion is changing. Fashion is a term which is changed with time. Now around us if we look carefully we will see that many females are wearing hand cotton saree as a modern fashionable dress. 
  • Once we only got ready by wearing saree only if it is ‘Pahela Baisakh’ or in any marriage ceremony. Now the term has become changed. Now many fashion concerning women are wearing saree in going out or sometimes in office party or in others party of friends and family.
  • Now, time is going on with so much hot weather. And if you are thinking to wear a saree but little bit worried about hot weather. Than you can select a comfortable handloom saree.
The way get modern look with handloom cotton saree

=> Wear your saree in modern way not in conservative way.

  • Never follow following way to wear for getting modern look.
Atpoure looking saree
Fig: Atpoure looking saree
  • To get modern look wear your saree as following picture
Modern looking saree
Fig: Modern looking saree
=> For getting More unique fashionable look you can try your handloom cotton saree with a sleeveless blouse.
Hand loom cotton saree with sleeveless blouse.
Fig: Hand loom cotton saree with sleeveless blouse.
=> Use less gorgeous ornaments with hand loom cotton sharee because these will carry a mutual look. Following types of ornaments can be used.
Ornaments which can used with hand loom cotton saree
Fig: Ornaments which can used with hand loom cotton saree
=> Perfect makeup is also an important matter for getting unique look.

=> Never do so much gorgeous make up with hand loom cotton saree.

=> We can bind our hair nicely and it can be remained opened.

Price and market of saree in Bangladesh:

We can get hand loom cotton saree from 850 TK to 2500 TK and upper also. These hand loom cotton saree are available in various showroom (Aarong, Rang, Ky Kraft, Anjans etc) and others market all over Bangladesh. So, find your one and get ready in modern way with hand loom cotton saree.