Thursday, February 23, 2017

Career Path of a Visual Merchandiser

Who is visual merchandiser:
Visual merchandisers are arranging the products and create a window display or events in retail shops, to catch the attention of customers. To increase sales and buyer attention, visual merchandising is the main objectives of fashion industry.

Visual merchandiser is a person who develop the themes that reflect festive or seasonal like Christmas, valentine, spring, fall, winter or summer, deliver and communicate the visual concepts, promote new product launches and strategies to promote retail brands or apparel brands, products and services in-store, in catalogues or online. They also do their job with museums and galleries to develop visual concepts for events. 
Visual merchandiser's work
Fig: Visual merchandiser's work
Career path of a Visual merchandiser:
It is not vital to be a graduate to work in visual merchandising, since many people have progressed into it from being sales advisers, but fashion or textile qualification could be advantageous when combined with retail experience. Visual merchandising is a creative career opportunities in the fashion industry. Now a day’s visual merchandising is the most demand-able job for a fashion designer.
  • The job of a display merchandiser is to design eye-catching and creative window displays that are still functional, trendy and fashionable
  • Most visual merchandising jobs are in fashion and home ware departments and stores. You can also find some opportunities for display work at museums, tourist attractions, airports and hotels.
  • Visual merchandiser primarily creates a sketch of visual displays with the basis of client’s store management department. If the designs have been approved, then they will be finalizing the design and prepare a complete floor layout plans. To complete this design process, they will be collecting some necessary props, materials and accessories to bring the designs to life. 
  • With experience, you could progress to display team leader and then to visual merchandising manager, retail environment can be helpful and retailers often recruit internally from store level and train visual merchandiser in house. 
  • Large retailers usually have national and regional visual merchandising manager who can earn competitive salaries, responsible for developing store display and layouts and managing in-store visual merchandiser. 
  • Visual merchandiser career can take many paths. It could take you along a creative career routes- implementing windows and in-store displays to designing window schemes and training store staff in display techniques, or a more strategic role in planning and merchandising stores to maximize sales. 
  • Another option could be to move into retail merchandising, retail design (designing the layout of stores), or into exhibition or interior design. You could also work as a freelance display designer, creating one-off displays for clients or move into online merchandising. 
  • To finish the all processes, you will regularly be liaising with other retail professionals, like buyers, retail merchandisers and marketing executives; to make sure every retail store has the perfect visual impression.
  • Visual merchandising consultant work independently, providing advice’s to retailers on visual merchandising strategy and are generally the most highly paid in this field.