Monday, January 23, 2017

Types of Garment Accessories Used in Apparel Industry

Garment Accessories:
For making a garment without fabric various types of materials or items are also used. Accessories are one of them important material to manufacture a garment. But maximum people don’t identify which are accessories. They think trimmings and accessories are same. We can define trimmings as; the materials which are attached with garments by sewing are called trimmings. Actually accessories are those which are not attached with the body of garment with sewing. They are used for finishing and packing purposes. Accessories are also used for decorative purposes. It is also essential for marketing garments.
Different type of garment accessories
Fig: Different type of garment accessories
Different type of garment accessories:
Different type of garment accessories used in the apparel industries are given below with alphabetically:
  1. Arrow sticker
  2. Barcode
  3. Back board,
  4. Both side tape,
  5. Brass pin,
  6. Buckle,
  7. Butterfly,
  8. Carton sticker,
  9. Carton,
  10. Collar stand,
  11. Collar stay/Collar bone,
  12. Draw cord/ String,
  13. Folding up pins
  14. Gum Tape,
  15. Hand tag,
  16. Hanger,
  17. Neck board,
  18. P.P belt,
  19. Patch,
  20. Photo in lay,
  21. Plastic clip.
  22. Pocket flasher,
  23. Poly bag,
  24. Price ticket/price sticker,
  25. Safety pin,
  26. Safety sticker,
  27. Scotch tape
  28. Size strip,
  29. Tag pin,
  30. Tissue paper,
Important Accessories are denoted below:

A barcode is an optical machine readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached.

Barcode in garments
Fig: Barcode tag in garments
Carton: Carton is very essential accessory in apparel industry. It is used in packing garments. Carton box is made by using ply board. Number of ply indicates the quality of a carton.
Carton box
Fig: Carton box
Collar Stay: Collar stay is one of the most important accessories which is used in shirt collar. Normally collar stay is used in collar points of a shirt. It is also known as collar bone.
Collar stay
Fig: Collar stay
Draw string: Draw cord or draw string is a long rope-type item with stopper to tighten a part of the garment.

Hang tag:
It shows the brand name, style no and other information of that garment. It is regarded as finishing accessories. It is hang with garment by plastic staple or string.

Fig: Hangtag
Hanger: Hanger is used for hanging the garments. It is important for hang shirt, coat and also different kinds of garments.
Fig: Hanger
Pocket Flasher: Pocket flasher is normally used in trouser’s pocket.

Poly bag:
Poly bag is an important accessory for packing a garment. Without poly bag packing is not complete.

Poly bag
Fig: Poly bag
Price Tag: Price tag/ticket also known as UPC (Unit price code) ticket in the apparel industry. It is paper-made tag which normally mentions price and bar code. Barcode sticker may be attached separately on it.
Fig: Price tag
Tag pin: Tag pin is an important accessory. It is essential for completing a garment. It is used by the help of handgun. Handing the hangtag and price tag, tag pin used.
 tag pin
Fig: Various tag pin