Monday, January 30, 2017

List of Technologies Used in Apparel Manufacturing

In the apparel industry, manufacturers are always concern about their production and quality of garment. To increase their production and get a high quality garments they adopt different technologies in different section of apparel manufacturing.
Fig: Modern embroidery is used in garments manufacturing
CAD is used in marker making
Fig: CAD is used in marker making
Here you will find out some essential technologies that are used in the apparel manufacturing process to increase productivity and profit also.
List of Technologies for Garment Manufacturing:
Computer aided design
CAD is involves the efficient use of computers for drawing and designing parts or products for analysis and testing of design.
Automated inspection
Products presentation and inspection are completed by automatically.
Automated material
handling devices
This system mainly helps to automatic material handling devices like loading, unloading, or sorting unit loads; parts feeding and finally delivery devices.
Numerical control
machine tools
It is A form of programmable automation in which the processing equipment is controlled by way of letters, numbers, or other symbols.
Statistical process
Some mathematical techniques are used to control manufacturing processes into specified limits to confirm that process.
Production planning/ inventory management software
It is a computerized production planning system.  It’s act  is material requirements planning , master production scheduling, and capacity planning,
Local area networks
It’s a local area communication system. This system gives the license for various devices connected to the network to communicate with each other over distance of several feet to several miles.
Pick/place robot
A simple robot that mainly use to transfer the items from one place to other place.
Other robots
It is a re-programmable, multi-functional manipulator designed for automation assembly line for garment making, moving materials, parts and tools, or specialized devices.
High speed sewing machines
Sewing machines are run on high speed with fully or semi automated operation, digital panel and control systems.
Modern fusing and pressing machine
Modern fusing machines are used to fuse the material with controlled temperature and speed adjustment system and the steam pressing machines with air suction systems.
Computers used on
factory floor
Computers used only for data acquisition or monitoring daily data, but that are also capable of being reprogrammed for other functions.
Internet is use for web hosting, online communication, email and to search.
Usage of cell phone, pagers (it is an electronic device that usually worn on one's person, that receives messages and signals the user by beeping or vibrating), and Fax.