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Duties and Responsibilities for Final Inspector in Apparel Industry

Final inspection or Pre-shipment inspection:
Final inspector is a person who is generally conducts pre-shipment inspection process, which is called Final inspection.

In the apparel industry, final inspector usually arranged Final or Pre-shipment inspection to get quality garments. After packing and cartoning by finishing inspector this pre-shipment inspection is mainly conducted by buyer’s representative and important factory personnel’s like general manager, merchandiser, final inspector, quality inspector, quality control manager, and other essential persons are also present here. If reject rate is higher than pre-set value of the whole lot is rejected and returned for recheck.
Final inspection conducted by buyer’s representative in garments industry
Fig: Final inspection conducted by buyer’s representative in garments industry
Job Duties and Responsibilities for A Final Inspector:
Final Inspector has some job duties and responsibilities these are help to do his job perfectly. Some responsibilities are as follows:
Final or pre-shipment inspector in the RMG
Fig: Final or pre-shipment inspector in the RMG
  1. Final inspector always ensures that the whole consignment (lot) is stacked at one place in apparel industry.
  2. Inspector ensures that samples are pulled from the lot on random basis.
  3. He inspects the each sample and records the effect.
  4. He counts the number of rejects of garments out of the sample size.
  5. Final inspector compares it with that allowed as per Inspection Sampling Plan.
  6. If number of rejects go beyond acceptable limit given in the Inspection Sampling Plan, then he rejects the lot, otherwise accepts it.
  7. He checks the assortment and matches with the buyer specified assortment.
  8. He checks if the poly bags, cartons, inners cartons, etc are of correct quality.
  9. Final inspector checks the side marks, shipping marks, gross and net weight of the carton of garments.
  10. Final inspector also checks the final destination is correctly given or not on the carton.
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