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Methods and Equipments of Garment Pressing

Pressing is a very essential finishing process in garment industry. By pressing unwanted creases and wrinkles are removed from the garments and as well as appearance of garments become well. The garments may be different in types, especially, different in design and garments materials. As a result, it needs different types of pressing for different types of garments and need different types pressing machine. There are different types of pressing marching or equipment are using are given below: 
Methods and equipment of pressing:

  1. At the ancient period, a small case, made by iron in which the heated coal and wood is used by burning and the garments are pressed by the lower smooth surfaces of case.
  2. At present, these coal and wood are replaced by electricity and this eclectic iron is widely used in household purpose.
  3. To control the temperature of electric iron, it is needed to control the regulator.
  4. For updating and to do easy, Iron is heated by supplying steam to the steam Iron.
  5. The steam inlet and outlet is controlled by a controlling switch provided in the Iron.
  6. For steam Iron, special air suction bed is used to control the unexpected crease on garments.
  7. This is triangular in shape and weighted from 1 to 15 kegs.
Iron pressing
Fig: Iron pressing
Steam press:
  1. This contains a static buck and a head whose are shaped with each other.
  2. The fabric is placed on the buck and the head is placed then on it and pressing is done by applying heat and pressure.
  3. The ironing bed is made by spreading the layers of fabrics on the buck which is placed in a frame.
  4. There is provided air suction and steam flow system through the buck.
  5. The table is placed around the buck on which fabric is placed.
  6. The head is placed down on the buck by scissor action and then pressure is applied.
Stem press
Fig: Stem press
Steam air finisher:
  1. This type of garments finishing machine is known as puffer or dolly press.
  2. The dolly press contains a frame which contains form and the steam and compressed air are flowed by pipe through the form.
  3. The pressing form is generally made by heavy canvas fabric.
  4. There is no sleeve and the usable form size is made according to the size of body of garments.
  5. Steam and air are supplied for a predetermined time by using a timer.
  6. Normally, 8 seconds for steam supply and next 8 seconds for hot air supply.
  7. This type pressing is used for pressing T-shirts, jeans, pants, blouses, and sportswear and so on.
Steam air finish
Fig: Steam air finisher
Steam tunnel:
  1. In this process garments are pressed without any pressure.
  2. Garments are hung on hanger and pushed into a tanner containing separate chamber through a running rain.
  3. Garments are heated on first chamber and unexpected crease is removed from fabric by relaxation and gravitational force.
  4. Garments are dried by hot air in the 2nd chamber.
  5. This type of pressing is used for pressing T-shirts and knitted wears.
Steam tunnel
Fig: Steam tunnel
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