Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to Improve Quality in Apparel Industry

The project means quality improvement projects which are undertaken to systematically solve problem cropping up in the apparel industry or organization and to effect continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the garments factory or company with an aim to improve satisfaction of the customer. The main purpose of a project is to improve employees in solving problems of their workplace in garments industry. By doing so they enjoy leadership and self actualization.

Types of Quality Improvement Project:
In a TQM organization, two types of projects are undertaken, namely:
  1. Inter development project and
  2. Intra development project
Quality improvement projects are structured in the following way:
Classification of quality council
Fig: Classification of quality council
Enterprise quality council:
The council looks after TQM activities aimed at continuous improvement of the work of the organization and coordinating TQM initiatives. It also takes care of the activities of departmental quality councils and sets up inter departmental project teams to tackle problems that involve a number of departments.

Departmental quality council:
Each department has a quality council designated for implementing and maintaining TQM principles and for continuous improvement of the activities of the department. Departmental quality council are accountable to the enterprise quality council.

Inter department quality project teams:
These project teams are set by enterprise quality council to solve specific problem. Which may be solved with the involvement of other department.

Intra department quality project teams:
These project teams are set up by department quality council to solve specific problem (of the department), which may be solved without the involvement of other department.

How do quality improvement projects solve problem?
Some problem solving techniques are as follows:
  1. The project team identifies the problem and its causes.
  2. The team collects all data, analysis and interpreted them;
  3. Identifies the solution and method and procedures of solution;
  4. Plans implementation procedures;
  5. Submits proposals to higher authority;
  6. Briefs the plan to relevant employees/ team members;
  7. Implements necessary training;
  8. Implements the solution to the problem.