Friday, January 27, 2017

List of Finishing Machines, Tools and Equipments in Apparel Industry

Finishing Department:
In the apparel industry finishing department is the final section for garments manufacturing. After completing the cutting and sewing performance, sewing section send their complete garment to the next section it’s called finishing section. For getting the finishing touch, defects free and quality passed garments are come from the sewing department. Main finishing activities like as thread remove, ironing or pressing, measurements check, quality inspection, folding, label attaching, hang tag and barcode attaching, poly packing, and packaging should be implemented here. Every instruction of buyer and specifications has to be followed in this finishing department. To do these finishing activities clothing industry used different types of Finishing machine, tools and equipment’s. These types of garments finishing machine, tools, and equipment’s are also used for attaching finishing accessories in garments industry.
Fig: Finishing department in the apparel industry
Here I will share, some essential Finishing Machine, Tools and Equipment’s name in the apparel industry.

Most Essential Garment Finishing Machine, Tools and Equipment’s in Apparel Industry:
Before arrange a final inspection, finishing inspector use some essential Finishing Machine, Tools and Equipment’s for complete finishing treatment and produce zero defects of garments. Some common name of Finishing Machine, Tools and Equipment’s in garments Industry are given below with alphabetically:
  1. Bodies dummy
  2. Boiler
  3. Button attached machine
  4. Carton staple machine (P.P Brand)
  5. Compressor
  6. Final inspection table
  7. Iron cap
  8. Iron plate
  9. Light checking box
  10. Local iron (For pressing or Ironing)
  11. Measurement tape
  12. Normal folding table
  13. Packing table
  14. Plastic staple attached
  15. Re-iron table
  16. Scissor
  17. Snap button attached machine
  18. Spray gun ( For spot remove)
  19. Stand-up shirt folding table
  20. Steam iron (For pressing or Ironing)
  21. Tag gun
  22. Thread cutting table
  23. Thread sucker
  24. Trimmer
  25. Vacuum table
  26. Weight scale

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