Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Duties and Responsibilities for Production Planner in Apparel Industry

Who is Production Planner?
In the apparel industry production planner is a key person for production planning and control in respective manufacturing units. Production planner also takes advantage of the resource allocation of activities of workers, production capacity and materials, in order to serve different customers or buyers.

He always tries to improve their production and distribution process by the using of his/her experiences, and apply supply chain and distribution management process. He assembles the paperwork, like delivery schedules, purchase orders and also update the records, checking actual raw material prices and finally monitoring production process.
Production planners do their jobs in the apparel industry
Fig: Production planners do their jobs in the apparel industry
Job Responsibilities of Production Planner:
Some of the essential job descriptions for a production planner in the clothing industry are as follows:
  1. Production planner always prepares the plans and production schedules for manufacture of apparel or commercial products.
  2. He draws up the master schedule to establish production sequence and lead time of each production to meet export dates according to customer orders or sales forecasts.
  3. He explores production specifications and maintains the plant capacity data. He also fulfills the mathematical calculations for manufacturing processes, tools, and human resource requirements.
  4. To improve the production and distribution process he applies their knowledge of supply chain and distribution management.
  5. Prepare a plans and schedules workflow for the each department.
  6. To give the guidance of production workers production planner makes a plan sequence of fabrication, assembly, installation, and other manufacturing operations.
  7. To determine the update status of assigned projects he confers with department supervisors.
  8. To meet unexpected conditions, production planner makes hurry operations plan for solving the delay schedules or alters schedules.
  9. He keeping and updating the all purchasing records and information that are comes from the buyer.
  10. Production planner involves to monitoring production rates, fixed the raw material prices, contacting vendors and also checking the inventories.
  11. Prepares daily production reports.
  12. May also make lists of required materials, tools, and equipment.
  13. He prepares the purchase orders to reach materials, tools, and equipment.
  14. To completing this production planning and control process, today production planner use ERP software. This software is very costly but it is mostly effective to increase productivity, and it is also helpful to get update result of total production in a short time.
  15. Production planning with ERP software
    Fig: Production planning with ERP software