Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Different Types of Sewing Machine Used in Apparel Industry

Sewing and Sewing Machine:
When the fabric cutting parts are joining together by using needle & thread is called sewing. Sewing department is the most efficient section in the apparel industry. It is the oldest & widely used techniques for making a garment. Sewing process is completely done by using different types of sewing machine. Sewing machine is mainly used to stitch fabric or other materials to attach together with the help of threads. Various types of sewing machines are required to produce a garment in the clothing industry. Sewing machines are mostly used to prepare a machine lay out plan for different garment items like shirt, pant, t-shirt, polo shirt etc. Main purpose of this article is to discuss about different types of sewing machine which are used in present garment industry.
Sewing machine used in garment industry
Fig: Sewing machine used in garment industry
Types of Sewing Machines:
In accordance with operating system there are two types of sewing machines are available in the apparel industry. They are given below:

    A. Manually operated sewing m/c.
    B. Electrically operated sewing m/c.

Various types of Industrial sewing machines named are given below with alphabetically:

  1. 3-needle covering m/c,
  2. 5-thread flat bed top & bottom covering m/c
  3. Bar tack sewing m/c (with automatic thread trimmer)
  4. Bias tape cutting m/c
  5. Blind stitch sewing machine
  6. Button attaching machine
  7. Button covering stitch belt loop making m/c (Kansai m/c)
  8. Button hole m/c (for woven fabric)
  9. Button hole sewing m/c (for knit fabric)
  10. Button sewing m/c
  11. Chain stitch sewing machine
  12. Collar and cuff turning and blocking machine
  13. Double chain stitch m/c (double needle with reserve feed)
  14. Double chain stitch sewing m/c (4- needle elastic inserting m/c)
  15. Double chain stitch sewing machine (4- needle short)
  16. Embroidery machine
  17. Feed of the arm (double chain stitch m/c, 3-needle)
  18. Hemstitch machine for pant
  19. Interlock m/c (twin needle, 5-thread over lock m/c)
  20. Label/elastic inserting machine
  21. Lap seaming m/c (for back tape attaching)
  22. Linking machine
  23. Lock stitch m/c (1-niddle with vertical trimmer wiper & reverse feed)
  24. Lock stitch m/c (2-needle with spilt needle bar sewing)
  25. Lock stitch m/c (single needle sewing m/c)
  26. Lock stitch m/c (single needle with automatic thread trimmer)
  27. Lock stitch m/c (twin needle feed)
  28. Lock stitch or plain stitch sewing machine (single needle with variable top feed with automatic thread trimmer)
  29. Over edging machine
  30. Over lock m/c (1-needle, 3-thread)
  31. Over lock/Over edge sewing m/c (twin needle, 4-thread m/c)
  32. Pin tucking machine
  33. QQ loop making m/c
  34. Shoulder pad-attaching machine
  35. Smoking machine/Automatic multi-needle shirring machine
  36. Top & bottom cover stitch flat lock machine (cylinder bed and flat bed)
  37. Top and bottom cover stitch flat bed m/c (3-needle)
  38. Zigzag lock stitch sewing machine (1-needle)