Monday, January 23, 2017

Different Types of Fashion Footwear

Fashion Footwear:
Footwear is an extremely used item in our day to day life. It covers and protects of human foot including the soles of the feet. It separates from the ground textures and temperature. Now footwear is not only use the cover of foot but also used as a fashion accessories item. It is used for fashion and adornment as well as to indicate the status or rank of the person. Footwear is literally the foundation of fashion.
Fashion footwear
Fig: Fashion footwear
Types of Fashion Footwear:
  1. Heels
  2. Toes
  3. Shoes
  4. Boots
  5. Sandals
  6. Slippers
1. Heels:
Heels may be flat, medium or high and measured in eight of an inch, eg., 16∕8 heel is 2″, a 4∕8 heel is 1∕2″ high. The inside edge of a heel is called the breast of the heel. An extra replaceable piece on bottom is called the heel lift.

They come in variety of heights and shape as follows:

a. Ball heel:
Spherical heel made of wood or Lucite.

Ball heel
Fig: Ball heel
b. Draped heel:
Heel on women’s shoes with leather or fabrics are arranged in folds over the back.
Draped heel
Fig: Draped heel
2. Toes:
Front portion of the shoes covering the toes.

a. Safety toes:

Steel toe box inserted between shoe upper and lining. Used for protection by workers in industrial plant.

Safety toes
Fig: Safety toes
b. Oval toes:
Women’s shoe toes, narrower than a round toe but an extreme point.
Oval toes
Fig: Oval toes
3. Shoes:

a· Mule:

High heeled slipper or shoe with Vamp but no back, often made of fancy leather and fabric.

Fig: Mule
b· Black leather winkle-picker shoes:
Men’s shoe style in the 1950s, the pointed toes of the winkle pickers led to their name being derived from a sharply-pointed tool.

Black leather winkle-picker shoes
Fig: Black leather winkle-picker shoes
4. Boots:

a· Cowboy boot:
High heeled dip-top calf-high boot of highly ornate tooled or appliqued leather, often two tones.

Cowboy boot
Fig: Cowboy boot
b· Beatle boot:
Ankle high boot with pointed toe and side gores of elastic styled for men.

Beatle boot
Fig: Beatle boot
5. Sandals:

c· Platform sandals:
Open-type sandal with platform sole, usually made with high heel.

Platform sandals
Fig: Platform sandals
b· Thong sandal:
Flat, often heelless sandal held to the foot by narrow strips of leather coming up between first and second toes and attached to sole at either side. Used for beach wear.

Thong sandal
Fig: Thong sandal
6. Slippers:
Low shoe which is usually worn indoor.

a· Bathing Slipper:
Women’s flat fabric or rubber shoe that is worn on beach and in water.

Bathing Slipper
Fig: Bathing Slipper
b· Bedroom Slipper:
Slipper is made by fabric, felt, or leather. It is usually in heelless style and indoor use footwear.
Bedroom Slipper
Fig: Bedroom Slipper