Sunday, December 18, 2016

Working Principle of Hydro Extractor Machine in Textile Industry

Hydro Extractor and Hydroextraction Process:
Hydro-extractors are machines which are used in textile processing industry. It is also known as centrifugal machine. Hydro extractor machine is used for removing excess water from fabric by centrifugal extraction. About 65% water is removed by this process. It plays an important role after passing dyeing section.
Hydro extractor machine
Fig: Hydro extractor machine
Hydroextraction process removes the water (the water quantity varies according to the type of fiber) dispersed in the fibers by mechanical action; this process aims at reducing energy consumption and is carried out before the final fabric drying or between the various wet processing stages (washing, dyeing).

Working Principle of Hydro Extractor Machine:
Hydro extractor can be carried out in the following ways:

1. Squeezing: The water dispersed on the surface and in the spaces of the fabric is removed by means of the pressure applied by two cylinders.

2. Centrifugation: This process eliminates the greatest quantity of water dispersed on the surface of the textile by centrifugal force. It is applied above all to resistant yarns, knitted goods and fabrics. 

3. Steam pressure: A high-speed steam jet blown on the whole width of the stretched fabric passes through the cloth and eliminates the water in excess. Extracted water and steam are condensed and reused.

4. Vacuum: This method applies vacuum technology and is used to dry very wet fabrics or delicate fabrics that do not stand up to the pressure of the cylinders of a squeezing unit, which could negatively affect the surface structure. The stretched fabric slides open-width above the opening of a cylinder-shaped structure connected to a suction system. The air drawn from outside removes the exceeding water when passing through the textile cloth.