Thursday, November 10, 2016

Popular Thread Packages Used in Apparel Industry

Thread Package:
Thread package is the most common and essential garments accessories in apparel manufacturing. Thread packages are wound in many forms like spools, cops or tubes, cones, king tubes or vicones, containers, cocoons, and pre-wound bobbins. Sewing machines required specific types of thread packages for the correct thread stitch on the garments. Thread packages may be color coded by size and type of thread to assist operators in correct thread section. Thread package is sold by length instead of weight.

Types of Sewing Thread Packages:
There are 8 types of popular thread packages which are given below:
  1. Spools,
  2. Cops or tubes,
  3. Cones,
  4. King tubes or vicones,
  5. Containers,
  6. Large package
  7. Cocoons, and
  8. Pre-wound bobbins.
Popular thread packages
Popular thread packages
Here I will shortly mentioned Different types of Thread Packages and its uses in Garments Industry.

1. Spools:
spools thread package
Spools thread package
Package size: Small package

Wood or plastic

Pattern: Flanged bobbin package

Capacity: 100-500m thread at parallel wind

Uses: Mostly used for shoe, leather, domestic and tailoring purpose.

2. Cops or tubes:
cops thread package
Cops thread package
Package size: Small package

Made: Paper/Plastic or metal

Pattern: Small cylindrical and flanged less tube

Capacity: 1000-2500m thread at cross wind

Uses: Mostly used for fashion garments furnishing where color of thread changes frequently and it is not used in high speed machines because package size is very small and thin.

3. Cones:
cone thread package
Cone thread package
Package size: Small package

Made: Paper or Plastic

Pattern: Angular hallow tube or conical tube

Above 5000m thread at crosswind

Widely used in readymade garments factory and also used in high speed machines. All kinds of thread wind it; unwind of thread fastly and easily.

4. King tubes or vicones:
Vicone thread package
Package size: Small package

Made: Plastic

Pattern: Parallel and little conical tube with a lip like flange at the end.

Capacity: 3000m thread at crosswind.

Mostly used for smooth thread on filament such as embroidery thread.

5. Containers:

Package size: Large package

Pattern: Very large spools of thread may have lubricant applied as the thread is off-wound.

Uses: Container thread package is used for filament thread which can not be controlled be other general package.

6. Large thread package:

Package size: Large package

Capacity: 20,000m or above thread wind

Uses: Used in over edge and Cover stitch machine.

7. Cocoons:
cocoon thread package
Cocoon thread package
Package type: Especial package without any support.

Uses: It is used in shuttle of special quilting machine and also used in embroidery machine.

8. Pre-wound bobbins:
prewound bobbin thread package
Prewound bobbin thread package
Package size: Small Package.

Made: Metal or plastic bobbins

Uses: Pre-wound bobbins are available in different thread types and sizes for different models of machines. It is used to replace the bobbin of lock stitch machine.