Saturday, November 12, 2016

What is Sewing Needle | Function and Types of Sewing Needle

Sewing needle:
Sewing machine needle actually used for sewing purposes, pointed at one end with an eye for thread or yarn. A sewing needle is a long slender tool with an appointed tip. From the ancient period to present day sewing needles are widely used for sewing. In the ancient time peoples are used to bone or wood made sewing needle but in the modern day sewing needles are manufacture from carbon steel wire, nickel or gold. The highest quality embroidery sewing needles are made of platinum.
Sewing needle
Fig: Sewing needle
Functions of sewing needle:
  1. Making of hole through the fabrics without damaging the fabrics, which is the path of passing needle with sewing thread.
  2. To carry the needle thread through the material or fabric and there from a loop which can be picked up by the hook on the bobbin case in a lock stitch machine by the looper or other mechanism in other machine.
  3. Without lock stitch machine, passing of needle thread through the loop made by looper.
Types of sewing needle:
There are different types of sewing needles which are used in the garments manufacturing. These are below:
  1. Straight needle
  2. Curved needle (Blind stitch needle)
  3. Pick stitch needle 
A short description of the above needles are given below:

Straight needle:
This type of sewing needle is mostly used in maximum sewing purposes. It is very reasonable and quickly moveable.

Straight sewing needle
Fig: Straight sewing needle
Curved needle (Blind stitch needle):
This type of sewing needle is used in blind stitch sewing machine. It is costly and durability is less but it moves quickly. 

Curved sewing needle
Fig: Curved sewing needle
Pick stitch needle:
This type of needle is used to produce stitch type 209 (hand stitch). Its needle eye is in the middle of the needle and it is also used to sewn for small length of fabric.  

On the other way sewing needles are two types:

A. Hand Sewing needles

1.Sewing needle
  • Standard
  • Long
2. Embroidery needle
  • Pointed
  • Round
3. Darning needle

B. Machine Sewing Needles

1. Round point needle
  • Ball point
  • Set point
2. Cutting point needle