Sunday, November 13, 2016

List of Trims Used in Garments | Quality of Garments Trimming

All the garments materials expect fabric required to make readymade garments are known as trimming. And it is attached in garment with sewing. All types of trimmings are mainly used to furnishing garments. Garments trimmings are attached to the garments before and after finishing the garments in garments manufacturing technology. Buyers are recommended to garments factories, which kind of trimmings are used for make a garments? Some trimming can be seen outside and some cannot be seen from outside the garments.
 Different garment trims
Fig: Different garment trims
Note: Always remember that trimmings and accessories are not same. Those are completely different. Accessories are not attached with the body of garments by sewing. It is only used for finishing purpose. Example: Carton, poly bag, safety pin etc.

Types of Trimmings:
There are two types of trimming .They are
  1. Visible trimming &
  2. Invisible trimming. Visible trims can be seen from outside of the garments. For example: interlining.
Uses of Trimming in Apparel Industry:
Trimming are used mainly two purposes such as-
  1. Functional purpose: Example- Zipper, Button, Label etc.
  2. Decoration purpose: Example- Lace, Braid, Motif etc.
Different Types of Garments Trimming:

1. Sewing thread
2. Button
3. Interlining
  • Fusible
  • Non- Fusible
4. Lining
5. Label
  • Main label
  • Care label
  • Size label
  • Price label
  • Flag label
  • Compositions label
6. Motif
7. Lace, Braid, Elastic
8. Rivet (Rivet is not used to open or close the opening the garments. It used for decorative and reinforcement purpose of garments)
9. Zipper
10. Hook & Loop fastening (VELCRD)
11. Shoulder pad
12. Metal Badge,
13. Twill Tape,
14. Velcro Tape (This item consists of two woven polyamide tapes one covered with very fine hooks and the other very fine loops)

Quality of Garments Trimming:
Textile materials or non-textile materials are mainly used to make garments trimming. But they should be selected carefully to get desire performance from them. The important qualities of trimming are given below:

A.Life time
If the trimmings become fade or break then garment will not be wearable. So life time of trims should be equal to garments.

B. Shrinkage
If trims become shrinkage by washing or ironing as a result appearance of the garment may be hampered. And ultimately garment will not be wearable. So the shrink ability of the fabric and the trimming should be checked earlier.

C. Color fastness
Colorfastness is very important for trimming. If fastness become poor then garment will be also poor appearance. The color of trimming should not be faded due to washing or exposure to sunlight.

D. Rust
The trimmings which are made from metal, then material should become rust free. If rusting occurs they will create spot on garment. So before using in garments then obviously check that is electroplated.

E. Comfort ability
Trimming should become hygienic and obviously comfortable.