Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Garment Sample Making: Types, Process Flow Chart and Its Importance

Garments Sample:
Sample is the prototype or model of the garment. It is a model of what the bulk production is going to be done. Making a sample is an essential first step for each item. Besides, garment sample making is one of the most important processes in garments industry because it will make the buyers to get attractiveness towards the industry. Generally buyers places the order after they are satisfied with the quality of the samples. So it has great importance. This important task is done by a skillful sample man in apparel industry.
Garment Sample Making
Fig: Garment Sample Making
Types of Garment Sample:
There are various types of garment sample which are made for completing an order. In garments industry samples are divided by two ways. They are development samples and production samples. And they have sub categories.

A. Development samples:
  1. Proto sample/Design sample,
  2. Fit sample,
  3. Photo shoot sample
  4. Mock up sample
  5. Size set sample,
  6. Salesman sample (SMS),
  7. Approval sample
  8. Pre-production sample (PPS),
B. Production samples:
  1. Top over production sample (TOP)/ Online sample,
  2. Shipment sample.

Flow Chart of Garment Sample Making

Garments Design or Sketch ( Manually or Computerized )

Basic Block ( Manually or Computerized )

Working Pattern ( By Machine )

Fabric cutting

Print/ Embroidery (If required)



Sample Garments ( Manually )

Problem of Production or Production Related Matter

Costing..............................................................................Send to Buyer

Approved Sample

Production Pattern ( By Hand or Computer )

Why Multiple Samples are Essential?
There are many reasons why it’s recommended to make multiple samples. Its main importance that it helps to eliminate error. By taking multiple samples, the error is divided by the number of samples. A large enough sample increases accuracy of product. Besides, multiple samples reduce individual differences. In a word, we can say multiple samples have to use in different purpose at a time.